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This crop circle at Avebury was reported for the first time on the 1st of August, 2012. The first of August was the 'Day of Style'. As soon as I looked at the crop, I intuitively felt it was an image of EELS and that is no surprise with the London Olympics being held in East London.

As the Pearly Kings and Queens from London took part in the opening ceremony. The Pearly Kings and Queens are well known by Londoners, they are the cockneys. In fact, some pubs were named after them, including the 'Cockney Tavern'. Cockles and Jellied Eels were part of the cockney's diet in times gone by. Of course, those were the days when one could trust the food that came out of the oceans and rivers. Outside the pubs, there used to be a 'Jellied Eel' stall, it is part of England's historic history and culture. Jellied eels a traditional English dish that originated in the 18th century, freshwater eels are native to Britain.

Food and what one consumes for good health is also on the front page for your attention. I feel it indicates the solar plexus, as such it is also related to Jerusalem in Israel. As we know William Blake's Jerusalem was also played at the Olympic ceremony. There are three eels and three is a number of creativity, so be creative with the food that you eat. Eel was the staple diet for the poor in London, how many people at the Olympics remember Manzes Pie and Mash shop? There are many times that I have smelt 'Pie and Mash' this year and it was posted on the blog at the time. There used to be a great one at the Angel in Islington and another one at Mount Pleasant that my family frequented.

Photograph copyright of Martin Sawyer, Courtesy of Crop Circle Connector. 

There are 14 pearls on the largest eel and 14 relates to Rev 14 and New Jerusalem. There are eight on the second and eight is the number of spiritual transformation. There is seven on the third and that is the life number of the spiritual teacher. Altogether that adds up to 29 and 29, is 'Grace under pressure'. The cockneys in London surely are under pressure, due to London being taken over by the Olympics and people from different parts of the world. Many true Londoners were driven out of the inner city in recent decades due to immigration and high prices that co-creates. We now have many people from different nations that speak with a London cockney accent. 

So what does pressure co-create? It impacts on the intestines and digestive system. Hence, the people are being asked to look at what they are consuming. It is written that Jewish people are most prone to Crohn's Disease, I haven't received confirmation whether that is true. However, it does make sense to me because the solar plexus and that part of the body is about power, and how one uses one's power. It can also be to do with powerful virtues. The Asian community are also suffering in the stomach area due to a change to the current Western diet and 'losing control' of their women and children. 

If the power of who you are is denied or suppressed, it can co-create all manner of diseases, the same can happen if people attempt to control others without their consent e.g. governments. Some people prosper under pressure, others do not. It all depends on their individual make-up, their life experience,  and how evolved people are. This can also be indicated by the time and date that people were born. Check out the post on 'How well do you know your body?'. 

Hence, grace is under pressure, just like your bodies are under pressure due to the foods that humanity is consuming. The body was made to process food, it wasn't built to eat processed foods. There is a big difference! 

There was once over a 100 pie and mash shops in London providing food made on the premises, food that was economical and full of nutrients. When I was a child, when you went to visit a market to buy fresh food, it was pie and mash for lunch. Sophia used to say 'A little of what you fancy does you good' and the RAB loved his jellied eels. I remember singing songs about the cockles as well. I have a lovely story to tell you about the cockles. I was about four or five years old, and my parents couldn't understand where I was getting the small plates of cockles from when we were at the seaside. Then they saw me lift up my hand to a stall and take one, I was so tiny, the stall holder couldn't see me walk under his stall. Of course, every one laughed at the cheek, confidence and audacity of the little one. After all, cockles are free to everyone, free food is available if you go to the sea. The stall holder laughed as well at the baby that knew what its body required. In Spain, they do a lovely dish with hot cockles. 

The cockneys in London, have something in common with Israel and the Galileans, cockneys drop their aitches just like the Galileans did in biblical times. The Dead Sea Scholar, Geza Vermes wrote how a Jewish merchant in the marketplace found it hard to understand the Aramaic of the Galileans and he reportedly said "You stupid Galilean, - they asked - are you looking for something to ride on (hamar = a donkey), or something to drink (hamar = wine), or some material for clothing (amar = wool), or a sacrificial victim (immar = lamb)?" No surprise then that this crop circle is near land that is split in four sections, just like the old city in Jerusalem is split into four sections that includes the Islamic quarter. 

So what is the crop circle telling us? It is telling you that eels and its jelly is good for you, and some historic traditions related to food are for good purpose for the health of your being. Notice the difference of native and seasonal foods. Do your utmost to align with the seasons and the foods they co-create on the land that you live on. Due to the specific frequencies that align with your own when you are in good health. Eels were once bountiful in the River Thames and cockles were found all along the coastline of this country. Pearl barley is also good for you and was used in traditional stews in England. 

Be tender with your bodies and your bodies will be tender to you. Be intuitive and listen to what your bodies are telling you. 


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