Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mitt Romney 'Sacrifice your Sons'.

I must admit I did not watch the debates between the politicians this year. However, this is an excellent video where Ron Paul takes on McCain and Romney regarding foreign policy.

What pinged out for me was when Romney mentioned the 'sacrifice of your sons'. That is exactly what the bible stands against. The LORD God did not ask for 'sacrifice' he asked for mercy!. Prophet Isaiah also gave a prophecy about those that sacrifice the children. Is Obama any different? No. Wars have also been co-created during his administration. When Obama was being elected, many of his supporters; supported him because they thought it would bring peace to the world. They even gave him a nobel peace prize. The opposite was true, the bible also warned about what would happen when they shouted peace.

If Obama is re-elected then you can anticipate a lot more of the same, the same with Romney. After what happened during the Republican run-up to its nomination and during the convention, it is clear that the patriachs are not ready to let go of having authority over women, children, and property. As such, the USA will face the consequences if it does not teshuvah. 9/11 came, the fires and floods came, did they understand that the prophecies predicted it would happen if they did not take this reality to their hearts? Did you know that we predicted the 'emotive social evolution' over a decade ago?

Ron Paul was the great hope of America, not only a great hope for the USA, but for people all around the world. Ron Paul has been a springboard for the grassroots movement that has catapulted a worldwide movement into a new era. 'We the people' is not just about one nation, it applies to all nations with a heart of conscience. Ron Paul's appeal reached out to people of all nations, people of all ages, people who had no interest in politics in the past, were suddenly awakened and had the name Ron Paul on the tip of their tongues.

The international support for Ron Paul has been like a tidal wave that nobody could stop, the truth has an amazing way of pricking the heart of conscience of those that are sleeping. That is the point of the sword of truth that Archangel Michael gives you. To awaken the sleeping masses. Well the masses are awake all over the world, the children are awake, exactly as the biblical prophecies predicted that they would be in this timeline.

Ron Paul did not have the money or media back-up of Obama and Romney, yet his message winged its way around the world. A message that the people were ready to hear, embrace and act upon. Ron Paul supporters gave their all, and his message will live on and compel their hearts, there is no going back now due to the sheer power of the grass roots movement. One could say that this grass roots movement is enabled by the LORD God himself, he knows the people have had enough of war and has he said 'No more war in my name'.

Ann Romney even had the audacity to mention my name during the convention, and the other references during the convention did not miss my attention. Is Romney who I am? Certainly not. Can Romney raise up the USA? No.

The grassroots movement is strong and its global, it is empowered and enabled by the LORD himself.  The bible tells you that his elohim says 'There is no peace for the wicked'. Only when people like Obama and Romney, their financial backers and supporters are driven out of political office, can there be any opportunity of peace for the world. So for those people that do not wish to sacrifice the children any longer, for those people that do not wish to transgress the true law of the prophets, the spiritual law of God, the science of being. Best you unite, truly be we the people, stand with the LORD our God against those that are still willing to sacrifice children.

Prophet Malachi warned the nations that in this timeline, if you do not turn your hearts to the children your nations will be destroyed. The USA is experiencing huge droughts, 1/6th of the crops gone, prices of food are set to soar.  In the law of the prophets, the droughts are because they are not doing the will of God, the same applies to Israel, they too are having droughts.



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