Monday, 20 August 2012


In a previous post, I wrote that I saw a large pillar of smoke and it was to do with the pharmaceutical industry. [1] The 111 gateway, 111 = 3, = trinity. This evening there is news of wildfires that are destroying acres of a rare Greek forest on the Island of CHIOS.

The unique mastic tree is also part of what was a pristine forest. The mastic resin is used as a natural chewing gum, cooking spice and for pharmaceutical purposes.

There is a Nostradamus prophecy that includes Chios [2] and a biblical prophecy to do with Islam and Greece in the last days of the end times. 'The King of Persia 'Will stir up everyone against the Kingdom of Greece'. Dan 11:2

Nostradamus also mentions a Duke in his prophecy, and the Duke of Edinburgh is in the news today.  [3] He has just been discharged from hospital again. The Duke of Edinburgh was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, a Greek Orthodox. His family were sent into exile when he was a child. He joined the British Royal Navy at the age of 18, he also converted to the Church of England.

In 2011, his birth place on the Greek Island of Corfu, was the centre of a 'row' over the sale of the heritage site, a sale to raise funds to reduce the Greek debt.  [4]

Was there a contract signed has Nostradamus indicates? What does the Black Sea have to do with the prophecy?

Reuters report that an Irish oil company adds Black Sea assets with Melrose Resources Buy. Petroceltic International Plc. It is written that the purchase is to strengthen its operations in North Africa and the Black Sea.

Petroceltic banks on Melrose's producing assets in Egypt and Bulgaria until its own exploration assets in Algeria start production in four to five years. Melrose held proved plus probable reserves of 84.2 million barrels of oil equivalent at the end of 2011.” 


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