Thursday, 3 December 2009

Blind Tiger and the Queen of the Highway

This is an interesting song from the Doors bearing in mind that TIGER is related to the USA. Obama (Leopard) being no match for the Tiger and God gave 'Eye of the Tiger' from the film Rocky as a theme song for the USA in 2008. Now we have the "Blind Tiger" in this song.


She was a princess, queen of the Highway.
Sign on the road said "Take us to Madre."
No one can save her save the Blind Tiger.
He was a monster, black dressed in leather.
She was a princess, Queen of the Highway.
Now they are wedded, she is a good girl.
Making his children out in a meadow.
Naked as children, wild as can be.
Soon to have offspring
Start it all over, start it all over.
American boy, American girl
The most beautiful people in the world.
Son of a frontier, indian swirl
Dance into the midnight whirlpool naked, Formless.
I Hope it can continue just a little while longer,
little while longer
She was a princess yeah.

In the Doors song they mention Madre and this is a really beautiful song. Madre Terra. The text with the film tells us that it was filmed at the live world premiere of EPICON. The debut album from GLOBUS. Written by Yoav Goren with world renowned writers Frank Musker and Kaballa - the song sung in Italian is an ode to MOTHER EARTH - Madre Terra.

On the 18th July 2009, Sound Healer Mikhail Baker (Spain) organiser of International Sound and Light conferences held at UK universities (who runs the Maya Mystery School in Spain} wrote this about 11.11.11.

"This year is 12 Kan in the T'zolkin. It's the day of the net for fishing, for catching the abundance (this does not mean physical wealth). It's the day of the primal Twins, Xmucane and Xpiyacoc in the Creation story. The day of the ancient Coyote, sometimes wise, sometimes foolish. Number 12 shows a day of preparation in readiness for the jump into the next spiral of intentional work. A day to be connecting with the grounding provided for us from Mother Madre Tierra."

The Twins were also mentioned in the recent GEM-IN-I despatch and also the FILM MAKER eclipse article.

When Climategate is attracting so much attention in the USA and with scientists refusing to accept the ecological and natural resource changes that are taking place this message is very important to the USA. The message is "Open your eyes USA and then you will see how to overcome what must be overcome. Don't be a blind Tiger".

As God said "You must be living ecologically and self-sustainably by 2012".

“"Even the stork in the sky knows her appointed seasons, and the dove, the swift and the thrush observe the time of their migration. But my people do not know the requirements of the LORD."Jeremiah 8:7

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