Sunday, 27 December 2009

Moon Night Flit

This morning I had a dream and it included a man doing what is called in England as a "Moon Night Flit". I have been corrected on this term as being "Moonlight Flit". That was originally what we wrote. However, God said "There is no light in leaving at night owing others money". So we changed the term Moonlight Flit to Moon Night Flit.

I was in our old Victorian house and a man knocked on the door. (We sold this house in 1998 prior to leaving for the sunny climate of Australia)

He was very upset because our neighbour had done a moon night flit owing him a lot of money. We asked the man if they had looked for the one that owed him money at his other house where he had been working.

Then the dream changed and the man and I were inside a different home looking at three freezers. One had frozen over and one had created ice on the wall to the left of it. The third freezer appeared to be OK. We discussed the problem of the freezers and I suggested that we would have to defrost them and move the food to the one that was working properly. Then the dream ended.

Criteria of the Dream

1. Old House
2. Moon Night flit
3. Two Men
4. Three freezers
5. Ice
6. Food
7. No 2 and No 3.

The old house represents the past, old structures and it indicates that humanity are going backwards. As I understand it Mercury is retrograde so no surprise that people are communicating about the past. The man did a moon night flit leaving his debts behind; this is also indicative of people letting go of everything materially. The man was a neighbour and as we know many neighbouring countries are in debt to England.

There were two men and this indicates that the debts have been created by men and it is men that have been irresponsible. No 2 also relates to the moon and cancer. There is a blue moon in cancer on the 31st December and it is also the Lunar Eclipse.


Freezers represent freezing temperatures and it is clear that there is more cold weather to come. Freezers are also appliances designed and created by man. The dream indicates that these material items are creating an imbalance because two of them were creating more ice than the appliances/structures could cope with. Number three is also to do with initiative, action and creative solutions and only one of the three were effective. There were two people featured in the dream one male and one female looking at the freezers. This indicates that it is only when men truly listen to the women will the appropriate agreements be made on what the solutions are to the creation of the ice. As we know ice is melted by heat and heat is created by love.


The final aspect of the dream was to ensure the food was kept OK for consumption.

I asked Abba what is this dream about? He replied "Letting Go".

So humanity are going through a "Letting Go" phase leading up to the blue moon eclipse of the FILM MAKER. There is more information about the FILM MAKER eclipse on the 31st December on this blog.

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