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FILM MAKER ECLIPSE 31st December 2009

It will have most impact on Australia, North America and Canada. The first penumbral contact occurs at 17:17:08 Universal Time (UT). Good number for the USA, 888 the gematria value of the name Jesus in Greek.

The number four is apparent with this eclipse as its duration will be for about four hours and it is on the 31st and 3+1 = 4 as well. This full moon in cancer eclipse will be the second in December and this is known as a blue moon. The constellation of Gemini is the twin and this partial lunar eclipse is the double twin energetically and vibrationally, 2 x 2 = 4. 4 equal the four directions of the prophets, peacemakers, healers and truth tellers. This is the last of the four lunar eclipses this year that have been like the pre-production run-through preparing you for the big screen.

This will be of particular interest to those that live in the 4th dimensional reality of metaphysics.

God called this forthcoming eclipse on New Year’s Eve the “Film Maker” so what does this lunar eclipse in 10 degrees of cancer have in store for us?

As we know Technicolor filmmaking has been a very positive aspect of humanities evolution and it also one of the diamonds in the crown of the USA and the UK. The impact of the film industry during 2010 will help to springboard many changes in views and belief systems. Not only in Hollywood style but also the humble you tube and other community channels. We will also witness many more people stepping up to the front line and being a lot more active in letting their views be known through these channels. It is written that this eclipse is one in a short-lived series and indicates a date shift of a lunar year of 354 days.


As we have mentioned previously the script is written, the characters have been cast, the chosen sound and light crew are ready and now we prepare for the next film to be shot. Our heavenly Father knows the locations and he is a brilliant Director of those that have important roles to play in the best film that has ever been made. Melchizedek is taking care of the production with his legions of light. The intergalactic colours of sapphire blue, emerald green powered by the deep ruby fire red are really amazing to witness. Most of you know that this is a crucial timeline and we will shorten these days for the sake of the elect because it is divine will for us to do so. Hand in hand side-by-side creating the best film the world has ever seen.

To those that are not ready to partake in the film then help and support those that are. You all have an important role to play even the caterers on the set help the characters and extras to stay fed with nutrients. Some will clear up the set as we move from one location to another and God loves you all equally for agreeing to be a part of his will for humanity.

God's will is compelled by love into compassionate action to save humanity from itself. When we work hand in hand with him life becomes so easy and all are elevated in equality. The sacred union with the divine is the cure for all ills and it is time for sublime audacity!


God talked about the fellowship and the importance of the fellowship to bring about positive change. It’s a fellowship of people that have a common purpose working together hand in hand side by side with God. Do the will of God when your heart compels you to do so. Listening and doing his will for the benefit of humanity in service to God. This fellowship holds the future of the children and the planet in their hand and hearts. They understand the signs, the messages and the prophecies. The fellowship of God is mentioned in Joel 2 and they know what they have to do. The fellowship know that Star Wars is over and the last battle is on planet earth. This eclipse is like Lord of the Rings, Star Encounters, Robin Hood, Superman and James Bond all rolled into one.

The fellowship can be the golden sat-tel-lites orbiting the earth with their communication streams, messages and directions to help humanity at this time. This is the time to be on screen imparting the truth to the world through your very own satellite.

From a biblical view it’s a good time to connect with the Apostle Thomas and the teachings of Christ through the Gospel of Thomas. Thomas means Twin. That links us back to Gemini full moon again. Those that have sat back on their laurels will get drenched so its best that they stay out of the way of the fellowship of film makers unless you like Singing in the Rain.


Romance will soar the harder times become. In the hard times people are more willing to share and come together and unite as one. You will witness a lot more of this after the FILM MAKER eclipse. In fact there could be a lot of proposals over Christmas and New Year. People are coming together and finding the one they are meant to be with for the next phase of the transition. Sacred divine love will increase more and more each year of the Aquarian Age. In love people will put their hopes and dreams; love shared will sustain them through whatever comes to be.

This is the time for Cinderella to go to the ball and Sleeping Beauty to be kissed by her Prince. A time of fairy tale endings and dreams coming true. People are not a commodity without love they become so. So all cheers to love in integrity of the heart. People that are living in the moment will make spontaneous decisions that will lead them to where they are meant to be. More and more people will be compelled by their hearts and embrace love with both hands. The cynics and superficial will get left behind and the true pure of heart will reign supreme with love that pours out from their being, it will overflow to humanity like a la'va of suds on the waves of change. Is there a Message in the Bottle? You bet there is and there is also a Genie too that can make all of your dreams come true.

Romance is good for the soul and divine love feeds the soul. All for love, one for all and all for one. When you love life, life loves you right back. As the Christ once said “Love heals the world and compassionate action changes it.”

Let the romance begin while we prepare our lines for the main shots in the very best locations. The costume and set designers are working hard behind the scenes and they know that this is the time for the world to know the truth. The music score is written....Nothing will be allowed to come between us and stop the Golden Age.


The date is 3+1+1+2+2+9 = 18, 1+8 = 9, Completion and divine love. The 31st of December is also the day of promotion so if you did your healing homework during 2009, you can reap the rewards of what you have sown in 2010. As we mentioned recently the good fruit will not be delayed. Its bound to be a spiritually creative time when all the fruit come together in the big epic of the greatest show in the world. A time when the cherry is placed upon the cake and the icing melts in the mouth. In 2009 many were cooking in their own juices and now it is time to serve humanity up the very best of your talents and abilities. Put your differences aside and rise to the challenges before you.


This eclipse falls in the ‘Week of the Ruler’, its one for the capable, logical and hardworking, in reverse its tyranny and its symbol is the goat that doesn’t walk up the mountain straight and crabs don't walk straight either. However, we don’t have to tell you about what humanity now faces with Obama sending in 30,000 troups to Afganisan and many of you know that the goats are mentioned in the bible. However, ask yourselves do true rulers chase rats down the rabbit hole? No!

Is Obama leading his people down the same or is he just increasing the karma; bearing in mind that Islam like wars in the Middle East because it increases the amount of people willing to join the Jihad against the West? In the Rich Woman (Michelle Obama) Vision that we shared with you God warned us about the 'Battle of the Bulge'. Someone better tell Obama that Afganistan isn't Chicago and nor is it Capitol Hill, although they do have a few things in common and it certainly isn't champagne.

The sign of Capricorn can be very positive for the over 50’s because this is when Capricorns really come into their own. The elders and the older generation will really bring their voices to the fore with the choir singing praises to God. With this eclipse being in cancer its bound to bring forth duality of the hard shells and soft centres that get trampled upon by the old goats with horns. It is not one for suffering fools gladly because the stakes are very high.

With Saturn in Libra it is certainly one for people laying down the spiritual law and not one to cross it or transgress it. This really is the beginning of the end of superficial realities and more of the veil being pulled back on those with less good ways. So not a good time for the governments of Western nations who refuse to hear the voice of the people. There is nowhere to hide from God and that applies to the leaders of the Islamic nations as well. Those that have been feathering their own caps in recent decades at the same time as turning a blind eye to atrocity, the crimes against humanity in their own culture are the least impressive of all the nations.

A New Year and a fresh start 2010? We advised people in the past that there was a fork in the road and they had to choose between violent change and enlightened change. Well it is obvious which way the USA have chosen to go. Can the USA be redeemed? Not until they return to the sacred, listen and do the will of God.

The energy of Saturn in Libra will come to a peak during 28 March- 5 April prior to Saturn returning to Virgo. There is also a climax coming on Ascension Day on the 13th May. The 4th anniversary of the gathering on the holy hill in Israel.

On this day there will be more portal openings in Alexandria in Egypt and in America. I was given Colorado Springs and North Atlanta and this is the time to connect with your true spiritual heritage as the Children of Abraham, the Children of the Promise. God kept his promise to send the help he promised to send and now it is the time to truly become one with it and the will of God. On this day allow yourselves to be receptacles for all the blessings from God, allow him to show you the next part of the script of the divine plan and the relationship with the sacred.

This is a time of great blessing and more divine intervention and its really important that you make the most of the positive energies prior to Saturn returning to Virgo. This is a golden sat-tel-lite of communication and it has a photographic memory that captures the very best that life can offer you at this time.

Glory be to God


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