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Nostradmus Sceptre C1:32

Following on from the 'Yellowstone River Montana' update. Let us continue with the Nostradamus prophecies.


"The great empire will soon be transferred to a little place that will very soon come to grow: a very lowly place in a petty country in the middle of which he will come to lay down his sceptre". [1]

What great empire became a lowly place and little? England and the British empire. What is a little place compared with the lands that had huge empires? England.

In my humble view the key word in this prophecy is 'petty' and there is an estate agents in London called 'Petty Son & Prestwich. [2]

In the Nostradamus prophecy there is also a play on words there with 'Which' and 'Witch'. So no surprise then to find that 'Petty Son &Prestwich' have a branch in London.

So the Nostradamus prophecy predicted that he would lay down his sceptre during the middle of the time of the rise of paganism in England.


'In the middle' as other meanings as well due to it relating to the middle path of the Buddha. The middle path is also known as the path of righteousness. In mystical Judaism it is the middle column of the beloved. The path of the UPRIGHT, the single divine pillar. That is why why you have two feet to walk the path upright. The divine pillar in the temple of God as the name ELIAKIM inscribed in gold, exactly as the LORD God predicted in the ancient prophecies. The prophecies predicted that Ziyyon would be given a new name.

The middle also relates to the middle of a century when the great empire was becoming a lowly place.

I was born in the middle of the 20th century in 1954. In a lowly place, in the middle of London after the second world war. From conception I lived in a place called KINGS CROSS until we were re-housed when I was 13 years old, then we moved to Regents Park.


The origin of the word 'petty' is the French word 'petit'. Nostradmus knew that the one to come would be petit in size. Petit is also a feminine term for a woman that is small. When I was seven years old, I weighed just two stone. I was observed by St Barts Hospital in London and also by Dr Tanner from Great Ormand Street who was carrying out research on the growth of children. He became well known for his work and became a professor. They monitored my growth with other children from the area once a year until I was 21 years old. In those days it was pioneering research, I was blessed to be a part of it, to help the people who help children and their growth.

4 feet in height when I started secondary school, at the age of 16 my dress size was 8-10 with a shoe size of 4. No coincidence then that we are sharing this in the year of four.


In the 1950's England was a petit nation with a small population compared with now. Many died in the war and it is written that the population was 50+ million. Statistics on line say that the average wage was 101 pounds. I cannot see how that can be truth, when my Father who had a good job was earning 7 pounds a week when I was a baby. When I started work at 15, I was earning 9 pounds a week as a Messenger for a legal firm.

Nostradamus also knew that the one to receive the sceptre would have some French heritage, this is confirmed in more of his prophecies about the one that would come. In a different prophecy he gave the name of a French red wine, he knew that the wine was associated with Elijah the Prophet and that the Jewish people left a place for me. The Jewish people knew that I would come, I am so blessed that it was spiritual Israeli's that poured out the red wine for me to drink. Not only in Italy but in Israel too. Hindsight is wonderful, when you can look back over the progression of your life in awe of what the LORD God as done to help humanity. Of course, it proves that he really does exist.

Glory be to God.




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