Friday, 1 July 2011

Purified Seven Times

In our post on the seven pointed star, we mentioned how it is related to the spiritual law of creation and the harmonics of your being, in relationship with cause and effect. In the Psalms from King David, it mentions being purified seven times, in the NT it is written that Christ also removed seven demons from Magdalene.

Seven is a karmic number in the bible and it is to do with the spiritual law. You can also relate it to the 'seven year itch' in relationships due to it being a karmic effect to do with a root cause that co-created the relationship in the first place. In the first place, it can relate to something that had not been resolved with the first love of either the child or the teenager. Hence, it co-creates a relationship to assist the healing process of the self.

When Christ removed the demons from Magdalene he was removing issues like 'fear', 'anger' etc and as we know in Indian philosophy there is seven main energy centres that are part of the light body of your being.

In the Christ teachings the number seven is also related to forgiveness so you can understand the issues that Magdalene was dealing with related to either seven different specific root causes of core issues and or relating to seven different people in her life that related to it.  Maybe they were seven people that she had not forgiven, could relate to parents and relationships with partners or friends.

Christ knew the importance of forgiveness and how if people do not forgive then it blocks the heart. If the heart is blocked then people cannot access the law of their own being. Nor can truth enter in.

Jeff Benner as uploaded this video today, and it is worth sharing. It is worth cross-referencing this video with the words of Prophet Jeremiah when he told the people that the LORD would put the (spiritual) law into your hearts. He was not talking about a law of any book, he was talking about the purification that comes to be when you seek within.

When you purify yourselves, the words that you use then become purified because words impact on the nature of your being. The more a person heals themselves, the more they come to understand the co-creation and how this relates to the spiritual law of creation. It also helps people to understand how a  past that is unhealed, creates the present and then the future. The words that you use also impacts on the physics of the cosmos and what happens on a global level because the cosmos is not a one way street.

In the beginning was the word, is the most profound statement ever written because it is pointing you to yourselves. To ensure that you take responsibility for co-creation for what happens to you.

"Silver tried in the furnace of earth, purified seven times". What is the furnace of the earth? It is the core of your earthly being. Is the core of your being pure love from the heavenly realms or like a volcano that can erupt at any time? Anger creates a furnace in your earthly being and we now know from science that anger is the biggest predictor of heart disease.

You can view some of that on this blog by some of the posters that have posted in response to the word of the LORD. You can see how they erupted like a volcano when they were being triggered by the light that is being delivered here to assist their purification process.

When people react in such a way, it is showing us that they still have a long way to go on the highway to holiness. The Son of God told you that the people would be judged by their words in this timeline. Why is that? A spiritual alchemist trained by the divine can see exactly what is going on with those that trigger at anytime. They can see beyond appearances directly into the heart. Christ also said that what comes out of your mouths comes out of your hearts. He also said 'Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God'.

A godly man that meditates as mentioned in the video is a person that contemplates their own words and the words that the LORD speaks to you to help you to understand yourselves. Hence the words in the Psalms, 'For thou will hear me'. 'Hear my speech'. 

Do the religious orthodox contemplate the words that they speak and hear on a daily basis like the Essenes did? To understand the repeating patterns that are manifesting in their lives? Not in my experience. When a Christian priest was sad that his congregation had not changed in 30 years, I asked him if he had taught them unconditional love. He looked at me deeply and replied 'Can you teach me?'.

'Give ear, O my people, to my law: incline your ears to the words of my mouth'.

It is clearly not about the 'Torah' the book, it is about your own being in the here and now. Ever present to help you to understand yourselves, so that you may hear him more clearly. The more that you purify the selves like silver in the furnace the more that you will hear him. Heat can also relate to his love that helps to burn the dross of the soul away.

In the prophecies of Prophet Malachi the one sent to Israel was sent to help them to purify and it is all part of spiritual alchemy. Hence, we know from experience that John the Baptist was not the one that Prophet Malachi predicted because the prophecies were about the last days of the end times. Also we know that a Master of Spiritual Alchemy would never ever be martyred or allow their head to be served upon a platter,  because they have been trained in the initiations and rite of passage home to God. The LORD God safeguards his holy ones and Sons of Light.

Israel know that I came to them compelled by his love for them. As such I followed instructions that were received, that is what a godly person does. They do that which is asked of them in total trust of the LORD God.

However, if a person as not purified themselves how can they truly hear the pure word of God? They cannot. If a person is full of issues then the word of God is blocked to them. Hence, why the Son of God told people to remove the plank of wood from their own eyes. There are many plates of consciousness, and if they are full of saw dust and shavings, it co-creates perceptions of the world. "Perceptions that co-create illusion that have no basis in reality." from Sacred Words.  Hence, the sheer importance of healing and self development if you wish to have a sacred union with the LORD, or if you simply wish to be healthy in thought, word and deed.

This is not a spiritual concept, it is a fact of life and experience counts.

Wisdom will be proven right by her actions.




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