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1,000 Years Ago - Love or War

On the 1st of October 2004, two people engaged with the engagement with God and we were sent to Norfolk in England. A place called 'Little Walsingham' for the second harmonic concordance. What remained of the original abbey had been destroyed and it had been built upon an ancient druid site. The lady at the museum told us that the Druids still go there for their festivals and celebrations and we could see the remains where they meet. 

Its an amazing place, you walk through an old doorway and through a museum type shop, the other side is another door that is open to nature and what is left of the Abbey that stands before you in its awe. 

While Toni and I were there I was shown that the spiritual were given a wonderful gateway of opportunity 1,000 years ago. I was also shown that not enough people united at England's Nazereth, at the right time and in the right place. As such humanity went to war and the dark ages began. At least 10 million spiritual people were murdered in Europe alone by the orthodox. Healers and simple people who were connected with nature and the land on which they lived. 

There was a battle that went on between Rome and England in the beginning, and England nearly became the place for the holy city in ancient times. It would have been England, not Rome. 

The following year a young man was brought to me by his Spanish family for a safe house. He had spent most of his life collecting maps and more recently learning survival techniques, he travelled by bike with everything he required. It became clear to me that he was one of the people that didn't  reach us in that place 1,000 years ago,  in the place that we had asked to be, in the right time, and that is why he was so 'obsessed' with the maps. To make sure that he makes it this time. On a soul level he knew in his heart that he has to make it to the right place this time. He knows how important it is to humanity. 

After the second harmonic concordance in England's Nazereth and harmonic epiphany, the zealous compassion carried out. I received a great and loud call from the LORD and he shouted 'HUMANITY NEEDS YOU NOW'. He gave instructions of what must be done and most of the spiritual did not hear the call. Within weeks the Asian disaster became a reality in an area that is known for Islamic violence. Jesus Christ predicted that the nations would mourn and they did mourn after the Asian disaster, that disaster was supported by the people more than any other that I have witnessed. He gave it as one of he signs of the last days of the end times. 

Life is a co-creation. Choose wisely.

The capstone of spiritual independence that the builders rejected or war that will impact on the nations. 

Will we all be in the right place at the right time, this time?

IMHV, not without the money to pay for it. Or the support for it.

The LORD kept his promise to humanity and it is up to humanity to honor it.

The LORD will not rest until his new holy city of enlightenment comes to be and all are free. 

It will be not be in England, or Israel or the USA. Although it will be in the Americas. 

So where are the Lion Hearts? Do you choose war or Love? Are you going to miss the opportunity again? 

1,000 Years Ago 

Today is the 'Day of Utopia'. 

When Israel was recreated they had a vision that it would become a utopia of social justice, it became the opposite due to men. People argue, including some Rabbi's that Israel wasn't meant to be recreated yet. 

Well the scriptures state otherwise. Prophet Hosea predicted that the LORD himself would plant HER in Jezreel and the LORD did that in May 2006. The scripture also states that the LORD would betroth his people to him with his righteousness and faithfulness. The text is referring to his Harp of Faithfulness in my humble view and divine experience.

In 2006, Israel were warned that they were going to be attacked, they did not believe me and they told me that I was creating fear, within weeks there was a war between Israel and Lebanon.

The rest is history.

On the 1st of October 2004, the LORD gave this most important message.

Come together from all directions and fly like the birds.

We are in this together YOU and I. Fly together, come together like the birds.

East and West, North and South, fly in from all directions.

In relationship with the natural world. Two by two, walk side by side.

Just like Noah's Ark.

Unite everyone and listen to these words.

I put the power of the universe here now.

Its on fire, blaze away, until all hearts are aflame.

The flock will rise and then peace will reign supreme.

From England's Nazareth and pastures green to the Sea of Galilee.

A resolution to Jerusalem, a global vision of compassion.

In gratitude of LOVE, flock together like the birds and UNIFY.

The community inspiring human kind, the union of divine love.


That message was received prior to being giving the name of the place that has been chosen
for New Jerusalem, the new holy city of Enlightenment that Prophet Isaiah spoke about.

I have been given the name of his city where he plans for the New Jerusalem to come
to be, I have been given the design, the colors, the exact mountain and divine plan
for an ecological, self-sustainable healing city.

The Dead Sea Scrolls also mention the Angelic Architects and they have also arrived.

So when shall we begin?

To change the course of history?

As it is written in the Gospel of Peace, 'May the dark vision of the future not come to
pass'. Jesus told you that if the 'Son of Man' had not come then the whole world
would be destroyed. The Malachi prophecies also echo that, the nations will
be destroyed if the people do not turn their hearts to the children and support
the one that LORD sent. His elohiym.

The Messenger of the Covenant


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Eliakim said...

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It snowed three times between 908 and 1007 - but not again until 2008

‘These signs of a sudden cold period confirm suggestions of a temperature drop during the tenth century, immediately before the Medieval Warm Period.

‘We believe the drop in July 920 AD may have been linked to a great volcanic eruption but more work would be necessary to confirm this idea.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2107130/Baghdads-frozen-past-revealed-ancient-manuscripts.html#ixzz1nsCk8Lxm