Friday, 17 February 2012


Time and time again we see people, especially from America state that Prince William is the anti-christ. As we have shared many times, Prince William is not who they think he is. In 1999, I was in communication with Princess Diana, we even sent messages to Prince Charles at that time in writing.

From memory in 1999, Princess Diana said 'He will be the Prince of Wales and not the King of England'. This message was shared with spiritual people in the public domain on our return from Australia. As Prince Charles was already Prince of Wales it seemed obvious that she was speaking of Prince William.

In British historical tradition, Prince William does not become Prince of Wales until Charles becomes King. Queen Elizabeth II, has already agreed to retire in 3-4 years time. However, Nostradamus also provide prophecies about the monarchy.

In Peter Lorie's book, Nostradamus the millennium and beyond. He shares the following quatrains.


"The lover's heart is opened by furtive love the woman ravished by streams (of tears) the lascivious will mimic half a hurt, the father will twice do without the soul'. 

Prince Charles did do without the soul twice. First in the divorce of Princess Diana and then in her death.

Also the people know what happened with the Royal family after the death of Princess Diana, the Queen had to be forced to return to London and do what was right. She also cried in public over her boat Britannia but had a stern face as the coffin of Princess Diana passed by her outside the palace. The people saw her face, Queen Elizabeth II cannot hide her feelings from the people, because it shows on her face and in her responses. 


"For not wishing to consent to divorce, that then afterwards will be recognized as unworthy; the King of the Isles will be driven out by force, in his place put one who will have no mark of a king.

As we know the King of Greece was driven out. However, this quatrain could also apply to Prince Charles as it is more than likely he will take the throne when the Queen retires. If this quatrain 10:22 is indeed about Prince Charles then it is clear that Prince William will not be King. As we know Prince Charles is also the one known for the divorce to Princess Diana. The fairy tale Princess that every child loved, our Queen of Hearts that will always remain in our hearts. The British public will never forget what the British monarchy and the media did to her. 

The prophecies of Nostradamus do signify the end of the British monarchy, as the UK and the commonwealth have known it. 

The fact that quatrain is 10:22 is also relevant. As ten is the new cycle of time, and it was on the 22 of May, 2004 that we moved into Master 22 energies of the divine feminine. 


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