Thursday, 9 February 2012

Troll Tracked to Wales

In the post that we made on the 30th January, 2012 on the 'abode of ninus' we mentioned 'Nimrod' and Nimrod was to do with the building of Babylon and Nineveh [1]

No surprise then that the BBC tracked an 'internet troll' that uses the name Nimrod and he was tracked all the way to Cardiff in Wales. Nor is it any surprise that the Welsh and the Scots are in bed with the EU and they plan to be the 'energy power' for the EU.

All will be disclosed like Jesus said it would. Nothing will remain hidden and all will be brought into the light of day.

Those websites, forums and social networks that encourage 'Troll's will bring the spiritual law down upon their own heads. We warned them for many years, and they did next to nothing about it. Now it will be taken out of their hands.



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