Saturday, 18 February 2012

HASHEM 142 Stop the Belo Monte Dam

Some claim that Hashem is the gematria value of 666, others claim it is 26. The truth is that the name of God is the gematria value of 26. Hashem is 142, and its the same value as 'Health' and 'El Shaddai'. El Shaddai means 'Mighty Teets' as such 'El Shaddai' is feminine. Does the heavenly Father have a feminine side to him? Of course, the heavenly Father is strong and sensitive. That is why the scripture tells the men to put their daughters on their shoulders. To put the feminine above their own heads.

142 is also the value of 'French' and 'Regina'. I do have some French heritage and my genetic dad from the Dutch Jewish side was given the name Reg. He was the RAB, son of Joseph. 142 is also 'comedian' and he did like to make comedy and dress up to make people laugh and happy. He knew that laughter was the best medicine.

We also have Hokkaido with the value of 142, and the RAB's son lives there in Japan with his family.

What else do we have on 142, 'Behold a Lamb'. [1] There are two lambs in Rev 14 and one lamb leads the people to the other lamb. In Rev 14, it also states that only the 144,000 can hear the new song.

Rev 14:2 "And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps." As we know the 24 elders have harps and King David was told that the Harp of Faithfulness would come at night time. In other words, the last days of the end times. Psalm 92. 

Prophet Hosea also told the people that the LORD would betroth his people to him in righteousness and faithfulness, and that the LORD himself would plant HER in Jezreel. He did that in May 2006. Israel was indeed blessed by the will of the LORD. He did not desert them in 'Jacob's trouble', nor did he desert the flock in the USA either. He made sure that help was sent when they required it the most. 

How awesome is he, the heavenly Father that loves the children of the world. Determined to ensure their spiritual freedom and independence is retained. The divine plan is outlined in Micah 4, the LORD's plan for the last days. 

Interesting that 142 adds up to 7, the life number of the spiritual teacher. In Jewish mysticism, seven is the ZAYIN, the woman of valor. In Micah 4, daughter ZION. 

So what is my cause today? What is the cause of daughter ZION? 

I stand with Amazon Watch and Chief Raoni - Defend the Xingu - Stop the Belo Monte Dam! The Indigenous peoples require urgent help in the Amazon. Please give them your support. [1] Please help to stop the dam heavenly Father. 

Chief Raoni gave this speech in 2010. He will fight for the Xingu until the end. 

In a recent picture of him he was crying, bless him.

600,000 stand against the dam. The indigenous people have been defending this river and rain forest for
30 years. Humanity depend upon the indigenous peoples to defend the eco-system of the planet. Hence, why we must stand with them and give them our support. In every way that we can.

Teshuvah Brazil, teshuvah humanity. 

Love beyond measure 



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