Thursday, 16 February 2012

Peace of God's Child

In the past I have written about 'resplendent peace' that came after enlightenment. First in the being and then on a cosmic level. Once you are in the peace of the LORD's presence, you come to know the peace that transcends all understanding. A peace that surpasses all comprehension, as such I conclude there is no point even trying to comprehend the grace of it. All I know is that once there, you simply cannot leave it. The LORD does not allow anyone to take that peace from you. It is yours forevermore, it is your reward for all that you have done in the will-to-good.

People speak of experiencing it during meditation or prayer. I can tell you this is different, it isn't for a few moments, minutes, or even hours. It is a constant state of being in the Kingdom of God. The phones ring, the storms rage, and nothing can touch you or reach you. You are simply beyond the earthly realities that do its utmost to draw you away from that peace. That is why many people chose to live a monastic life. Away from the world of man, that simply does not have anything to offer the mystic healers that live the peace as the LORD would like us to live it.

Hence, why I say to people, may my peace be with you. May humanity truly know peace in their being and outside of their being. May they seek it, it does begin with making peace with the self, finding peace of mind, heart and soul, the journey home really begins.

When I was in Israel they asked me to come back to help them. I did as they asked of me in service to spiritual Israel and its children, the LORD and his divine emissaries compelled me, directed and instructed. I cannot live the life that man would wish me to live. However, nor can I leave it completely while I live in a human body. Hence, why many become watchers, and as the scripture states daughter Zion is the watchtower for the flock. She can see the panoramic view far off, the bigger picture, and the higher perspective that is also beyond most peoples comprehension.

How can people comprehend this if they have not experienced it, if they have not walked barefoot, or in my sandals, each journey is different. Each to be honored and shared with those that have the ears to hear, and the heart to truly reach out to others and care fully for those that have not found the peace that transcends everything. How can we explain to people the importance of this peace to the good health of the people and planet, if people do not wish to receive it?

People ask for the end of wars and for peace, but are they willing to accept what must be accepted to make that peace become a reality for all? What value is life on earth without peace? Do you know? Can you give me one good reason to reject such peace? If the people reject peace are they not also rejecting themselves and their fullest potential as a divine being on this planet?

Peace is a lovely word did you notice that it has the word ACE in it. The Ace card. Out of all of the cards in the major arcane, the Ace of Cups has to be the card of peace that overflows with love.

Last night there was a report shared of 100's of birds raining down and the location was I-95 northbound in Laurel, Maryland, USA. As we know north is to do with healing. Did you comprehend its message? It did not miss my attention that the report states they were STARLINGS falling out of the sky. [1]

In Jewish gematria, 195 is God's child. Healing medicine, Magnetic, 'She and Him', 'In real life', 'A bible of fire', 'One as ACE', 'The name Abba', 'Mem, mem, mem'. Who spoke to you about only having ace cards in my right hand? Do you remember? 

In July 2011, we also made a post that mentioned the 'Starling' and it relates to Africa. No coincidence then with the news about Whitney Houston, and the find of an African Queen's gold mine in Ethiopia around the same time. The Laurel also reminds me of Lauryn Hill and her redemption song. 

The post in July originated with a Nostradamus quatrain. So shall we take a look at Quatrain 1.95 and see if that has anything to share with us? 


In front of a monastery will be found a twin infant
from the illustrious and ancient line of a monk.
His fame, renown and power through sects and speech
is such that they will say the living twin
is deservedly chosen.

The word 'twin' is a clue to comprehending this quatrain and it is to do with a particular name of a person. If I ponder upon a sacred place of a monastery it reminds me of my time in Assisi in the hills of the sanctuary of St Francis. In that place they have placed a sculpture of St Francis laying on the ground looking up to the sky in contemplation. 

When the quatrain speaks of the 'fame, renown and power through sects and speech' I feel that they are speaking of St Francis. Nostradamus is telling you that the 'living twin' is like the nature of St Francis, they are at one with nature and the messages that the birds bring. The quatrain is speaking of purity of intention, sainthood that is a sharp contrast to the Pope in Rome. 

It is the most amazing place, the peace there was so powerful, my colleagues and I did not wish to leave it. Our lovely host, beloved Stefano was with us. 

This is a photograph of where the White Stone was given in Assisi below the hills in September 2003. 

All of the small ancient city is filled with monasteries, small shops and cobblestones. It is most delightful and its like walking back in time. It has a great feeling of serenity, completely different energy to Jerusalem in Israel. 

It truly is a blessed place, and I can understand why St Francis loved this area of Umbria  so much. Love beyond measure to Stefano and his lovely family that made us so welcome in 2002 and 2003. These photographs were taken in 2003 at the end of a Masters training course. Stefano and I took the women sightseeing. You can see them standing outside of the shop. 

Peace beyond measure 





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