Thursday, 16 February 2012

Blood Red Rivers

As we know the bible says the rivers turned the blood red in relation to Moses and there have been numerous reports of blood colored rivers due to various different causes. We featured the one from Texas on this blog last year. Now on re-looking at it, it was in HOUSTON of all places. [1][2]

Maybe if we pay attention to what is happening to the rivers it will stop happening. IMHV, the one featured today on the forums in Beirut is another warning and remainder of what happened in the summer of 2006 to Beirut when Islam attacked Israel.

See these pictures of Jian river in China. [4]

New York [5]

Red Rivers in Lebanon, China and the USA. 

"Dr. Joseph Free contended that the plagues were demonstrated to be miraculous in at least five different ways.

Intensification — they were far beyond any ordinary occurrence. 

Prediction — specific times were indicated by the arrival and cessation of some of the plagues. 

Discrimination — some of the disasters affected the Egyptians, but not the Israelites. 

Orderliness — there was an orderly increase in severity, from the water-to-blood to the death-of-the-firstborn. No surprise then that the Obama's take different planes.

Spiritual Purpose — discrediting of the gods of Egypt and revealing Israel's savior. " [3]

After I prepared this the LORD said 'Get ready for the boar'. Ron Paul was born in the Chinese Year of the Boar and he is also featured in the prophecies of Nostradamus. As we know the boar is a wild pig. 

Well look what we have here, a French Bulldog comes to the rescue in the freezing cold forest of Berlin in Germany. The Bulldog, named 'baby' has adopted the six wild boar piglets, their own mother was shot by a hunter. [6] France, Germany and the USA, that figures. 

Did any of this happen in the time of the prophet of Islam? Simply put, no. Did it happen in the time of Jesus? No. It wasn't meant to happen again until the last days of the end times. Nostradamus predicted that they do not honor the lady until the terror is so great, that they have no choice in the matter. 


Let's hope that they don't leave it that long. This is an excellent video of the blood red rivers around the world. 



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