Thursday, 2 February 2012

Spirit of Truth -v- Spiritual Leaders

I stopped reading emails from the so-called spiritual leaders from around the world some time ago due to them staying in the same old cycles and simply refusing to shift. Rev 14 stated that only the 144,000 could hear the new song, isn't that the truth. The spiritual leaders keep on writing about the symptoms; instead of taking action to deal with the root causes of the very serious issues facing humanity. 

However, a few days ago an email arrived from India from a man from Australia, that was responding to a piece written by Rene Wadlow in Geneva. Peter Bentley is in India for a 'Peace Conference' in March. He is a member of the 'International Association of Educators For World Peace', and had copied me on his response to Rene's 'Awareness of Nature' piece. I was compelled to respond to the complete list of the news agency, many of which are NGO's and others are individuals in different parts of the world.

Dear Peter,

The first thing that you are all required to do is heal the ‘needs’ within, and that relates to the ‘inner child’. If the so-called spiritual do not have the humility and courage to heal the ‘need’ within, then they will never encourage others to do so. As such, they have nothing to offer the world because humanity is still in the same never ending karmic cycles.

Honoring nature and awareness of it, does not come from a ‘need’ to protect it as Rene as written. Self-destruction, perishing of the people, nature and its cultures comes from the ‘need’ and ‘wants’ of the people themselves. 
Hence why both Buddha and Jesus taught people to get to the root of the meaning of the base level of their consciousness. Only then can people arise, and raise their energy into their hearts of essentials of ‘We give, I give’.

With the greatest respect, there is nothing new in the message from Rene Wadlow. Its the same message that the spiritual have been giving out for 100 years. In fact, it is the same message that the Jewish prophets were giving thousands of years ago.

So are you seriously ready for change yet?

As the LORD told you all, you will be judged by your words in this timeline, and so far humanity is not impressed with what the spiritual have co-created to date. Bearing in mind, most of them supported Obama that has created war after war. None of them put any effort into looking into the 'Obama CIA Creation'; due to them being tempted by the perception of peace that he dangled like a big carrot. The more that you chase the carrot of peace outside of yourselves, the longer it is going to take to help humanity to make the shift.

There are some very rich spiritual people on this planet that got rich on the back of the spiritual community. Yet, they have given no help to the spiritual community that are in poverty, they have given no leadership. Spiritual people are suffering in poverty; due to what spiritual leaders have allowed governments to get away with. At a time when the spiritual community require help? Where is it?

As the Son of God said ‘Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world’.

The LORD said ‘There can be no compromise’ ‘The King is not allowing’. 
The biblical prophecies predicted that there will only be 3-4 olives left on the tree by the time he is finished with he so-called peace makers that are still at the level of consciousness of 'wants' and 'needs'. Their own words that they write, show me exactly where they are in their spiritual growth and development. Hence, why the spiritual community is still where it is IMHV, it is mainly those that are outside of the spiritual community that are doing the moving and shaking.

I am blessed and fortunate that I am able to walk between the worlds of other realities. Quite frankly, the so-called peacemakers have stayed with their own for far too long. Hence, why the spiritual community is where it is. Same conferences, same talk, same status quo, same never ending cycles.

Yours truly, the Spirit of Truth.


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