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Following on from the post and the LORD mentioning ESTABLISH, that then took us to the following: 

He leads priests away stripped and overthrows officials long established.Job 12:19 

That aligns with the Zechariah prophecy for this timeline where it states that shepherds without 'favor or union' with the LORD are being cut off. When I went to see if I had received any other messages about Bob Schulz in the archives it brought the 'honor of' website and lists the men from 'Elijah's List' that a man called 'Kevin Kleint' is calling out. As you know I also have an Elijah's list of people that I have called out. 

Kevin is calling out what he has titled as '6 wicked roots'. Kevin headlines them as the "Fathers" of the Prophetic Movement' in the USA, and the first one that he mentions is BOB. 

The LORD mentioned the word BOB the other day and we wrote about it on the 'Byron Nuclear' post. 

I also had an uncle called 'Bob' and he left his wife Mary and had an affair with a young German. Who he then married, leaving Mary and his child alone. Hence, the name 'Bob' in my life relates to the men that are 'adulterers'. In England, the word 'bob' is also associated to money. Hence the term 'bob a job' for the scouts. Instead of the scouts offering their help from the compassion of their heart of giving, they were inspired and motivated to work for money to raise money for the 'scout movement' that was part of the Church. 

'Children are not a commodity, without love they become so' from Sacred Words. 

In other words, children were used to raise money for the Church by using their labor to do so. 

In the Egypt 425 gateway opening post we also mentioned the 'root'. Please see the previous post and the link to Kevin Kleint's website. [1] Of course the people that are being called out are all Americans. 

On Kevin's website it also mentions that 'Bob Jones' says that Elohim means 'Father of the remnant'. In August 2010, it states that he said that ELIAKIM means 'Father of the remnant'. As we know in the Psalms elohiym is feminine and Obama read out Psalm 46 on 9/11, in 2011. 

ELIAKIM in this timeline is also feminine and that is why Michelangelo painted a fresco of me that sits in the Vatican. The word ELIAKIM has many meanings and it has been translated in various ways by scholars. They include  'God will establish', 'God will raise up', that coincides with the one that was promised to Moses that the LORD promised to raise up for his people. The Torah also tells the people that a prophet like Moses was never born on the land of Israel. 

King David and the Jewish prophets also knew that I would not be born in Israel, although Prophet Hosea did predict that he would plant me in Jezreel and he did that in 2006. Prophet Isaiah knew that I would be born on an Island, and England is an Island and the land of Joseph. 

If we look at the word ELIAKIM in two parts 

First we have ELI and ELI it is one of the names of god. When Jesus was on the cross it is written that he called out ELI, ELI. When the LORD summoned me he called out ELI, ELI very loudly. ELI is also the short form for Elijah. 

The name on my birth certificate is KIM, and in the equivalent in Hebrew and Arabic it is QUM and it can mean 'arise', 'raise', 'rise'. 

So then you can understand that the name ELIAKIM means 'god raised' or 'god arise'. In the scriptures when Jesus was healing the child. He called out my name in Aramaic. QUM = Arise = KIM. 

I am the descendent of Joseph that Moses asked for. I am the one that the LORD promised to send. 
I am the one that Jesus promised that he would pray to the LORD to send. 

The LORD reigns forever; he has established his throne for judgment. Psalm 9:7 

In the new testament, Jesus told his followers that the advocate would come for his true followers, he told them that he had to leave otherwise they would not come. He also told them that the Queen of the South would come with the men of Nineveh to judge this generation when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel. That happened in 2010 and it was the summer of the 'flotilla disaster' and 5 million trees burning down on Mount Carmel. 

The South is the sacred direction of the Prophets, as such she is the Queen of the true Prophets. Mentioned again in Psalm 45 when she wore the 'golden gown' for the mission to Israel, when she delivered the covenant for the children as instructed. 9th of September 2007. 

As we know Jonah was the Jewish prophet that warned the people of Nineveh and called them to return and they did as Jonah asked of them when he delivered the word of the LORD. After 40 days the city was destroyed and the number 40 was also a sign to the people because it is the number of years that Moses was in the wilderness. As we wrote the other day, 40 days from now takes us to March and the Ides of March, and you will see this take place in the USA as more and more people find out that Obama was a CIA creation. Please see our post on the other blog. Hillary Clinton has also given prior warning that she plans to stand down after 20 years and 20 is the number of judgement. 

In the biblical prophecies, Obama as 42 months and those months are completed in June 2012. Obama was given authority by the beast in Rev 13, and wisdom was called to do the count to put a stop to them and their plans. Jesus Christ was correct, these days will b shortened for the sake of the elect. 

Well done Kevin. The LORD said 'Top marks'. 

As we mentioned previously, 'from humility comes honor.'  Kevin Kleint has been honored by the LORD and his Messenger of the Covenant. Blessings in abundance Kevin, blessings in abundance. 



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