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I will always remember when the Lute of Lovingkindness said that the 'The USA is the house that Jack built'. No surprise then the affairs of JFK are in the British news due to a book for a former mistress of the President revealing new details about their relationship. [1]

As we said earlier to Americans, the truth will come into the light of day, all will be disclosed in this timeline and nothing will remain hidden.

Apparently the previewed parts of the book contain graphic details of the presidents tales of drug use as well. Drugs and adultery a lethal combination. Hence Rev 17 and Rev 18 applies to the USA.

As we know JFK became an icon in the USA that Americans aspired to be like.

69 year old Ms Alford claims that JFK said 'I'd rather my children were red than dead'. Sounds like he was under the thumb and had no choice but to be a Liberal democrat pushing the liberal policies to Americans.

Men often commit adultery when they feel under pressure. JFK certainly had his fair share of that with the presidency, the death of his son and whoever was keeping him under the thumb. When a couple lose a child they often turn to another to confide in, because often the pain is too great to bare with their partner that is also grieving a bereavement.

However, if I was an American I would certainly be looking at who has been forcing the USA into becoming RED and for what purpose. It seems to me that the biblical prophecy of Obadiah about the land of ESAU will give you the answer that you seek. The plan is to destroy the USA completely, and the orthodox religionists are behind it. You have to let them know that this is the time of shortening the last days of the end times for the sake of the elect.

That is why the LORD made an intervention and sent daughter ZION to help the USA, to put a stop to to the duality. However, you guys and gals really have to wake up to the bigger picture that is going on here. The LORD can only truly help the USA if you allow him to do so. You know what you have to do to honor the will of the LORD and for your own sakes, the sooner the better.

As the LORD said 'Televised' There was a poem written that the 'Revolution would not be televised'. The song was also on the album 'Pieces of a Man'. When a man is in pieces it relates to the fact that he is fragmented and that is the opposite to shalom. The root of the word shalom, is 'be whole' and prophecies speak of being assembled, in other words gathering up the parts of yourselves. Collecting the pieces of your jigsaw puzzle. Remember what the LORD said in 2009, when he was shouting at you all. 'Get organized'. When I was in Florida, in 2008, I woke up screaming due to seeing the fires that were burning down the USA, I woke up screaming,  'They are not listening'.

No surprise then that poem and song is by GIL SCOTT-HERON, back in 2009 I was shown visions of records like CD's. Look at the number on that promotional copy. FD 26011.

26 is the Hebrew gematria value for the name of the LORD God. 11 is a master number of duality and there is O in the middle of the two numbers. In the major arcane the O appears on the 21st card for the 21st century. The woman is within the 'O', it is known as the world card, the card of completion and victory. Like 'Hawaii Five O' and 2012 is a five year of physical manifestation.

So we have the LORD -O- DUALTY 'Home is where the hatred is'. In my experience of working with people from many nations, Americans use the word 'hate' and 'hatred' more than most.

26+11 = 37 is also a prime number.

11+6+2 = 19 = Rev 19.

GIL can be to do with the gill of a fish, e.g. to breathe and the LORD gives us the breath of life.

Scott is to do with Jesse and ELIAKIM has a part Scottish heritage.

Heron = the book of Levitcus states that the heron bird must not be eaten. Lev 11:18 the same can be found in the book of deuteronomy 14:18. Both verses are 18 = Rev 18 and the fall of Babylon.

You can view the big fish as the WHALE (LORD) - (ELIAKIM) - HERON (HE RON)

So we have the LORD and the Messenger of the Covenant standing against the duality of Ron Paul. As we know Ron Paul has been invited by Saudi to convert to Islam. What color is Fatima dressed in the Church in Chicago? Red and JFK said ''I'd rather my children were red than dead'. What JFK didn't realize is that they were planning to make the USA Red, because that relates to the land of ESAU, the men of EDOM who the orthodox religionists plan to murder to fit the prophecy of Obadiah.

Clinton is talking about stepping down after 20 years of public office and 20 is the number of judgement.

Now look at the word that the LORD gave us 'TEL EV I SED'


Now if we look at Tel Aviv, guess who is mayor of the city? A red labour man called RON Huldai. Polish, ex-military, and the Church in Chicago was built by the Polish. Ron was the Brigadier General of the Israeli Air force.

The name Tel Aviv means 'Hill of Spring' founded in 1909. The original intention for the Jewish state was for it to become a 'socialist utopia', when in fact, it has become the complete opposite. [3]



T = Sign, E, if you turn the E on its side it looks like the ancient pictograph for the 'Shin'.

Sign, teeth, LEVI = the Levites and that relates to the Levitical law that was replaced.

What else do we have? LEVI jeans have teeth and Levi produced a TV commercial that included the revolution.


Teshuvah everyone, teshuvah.



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