Sunday, 12 February 2012


A very precious and gracious soul blessed this planet in Whitney Houston. The love and light shone from her. She touched and inspired the hearts of nations globally with her song of Christian love. She was a Christian STAR that shone like the brightest star of them all.

Voices like an Angel, do not come along very often, and when they do their adversaries will do all they can to bring them down from the heights of the cosmos where the LORD himself placed them. Starry, starry nights, during the last days of the end times. The young Whitney Houston lit up the night sky. She gave light and love and hope to the people, when there were times in their lives when they were finding it hard to see any.

Her songs are all time classics, her voice the most supreme since Diana Ross. Her heart was so filled with love due to her beautiful family and her love of Jesus. There were times when she trusted people when wisdom was required the most. She searched and searched for true love outside of herself, and it sapped her strength as this song conveys.

She gave to you the best that she had to give, in the realities that confined her. There is a very big picture to her life and loves, and the reasons why things turned out the way that they did. Another Queen of Hearts like Princess Diana. Charitable, coming from the heart of pure intention, a giver to humanity.

I have been touched and moved by her contact with me since her passing, just like I was with Princess Diana. However, I would like this post to touch your hearts and move you. To compel your hearts to the will-to-good. To understand that she looks to you all now that benefitted from her vibration of love.

To be strong and carry on, to keep on giving your love, because the light of love will prevail. She knows that she will remain in our hearts, her songs, music and love vibration will go on. Her concern now is for her child, her daughter and she asks you to love her tenderly. Shelter her in tenderness, help her if she ever requires it. Teach her the truth and what is important for her to know. Accept her when she feels ready to share. Love her as you have loved Whitney. She looks to you for your support now of those that remain.


Whitney has given the sign of the 'Yorkshire Terrier' to be her sign. So if you see one of those little fluffy dogs then you know it is a sign from her. There is a little more information on our other blog and a lot more is being shared with those that know me well.

My deeply sensitive heart agrees with Whitney, I look to you now. Whitney was a Christian STAR with a global impact, a person that has touched the heart of nations. I hope that her passing opens up a new part of you on a heart level, so that you can walk through another gateway. We did predict that there was gateway opening coming on the 4th of February and it was about relationships. 

We also made predictions last year about the celebrities. Maybe, this will be the catalyst to inspire them in a new way, for the sake of the children of the world and spiritual independence.

Love beyond measure everyone.


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