Sunday, 2 September 2012


First we had the disappearing birds and only 13 arrived in Scotland. [1] Now whales die on mass stranded off the coast of Scotland.

26 pilot whales were stranded at Pittenween, Nr St Andrews. As we know 26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God.

A representative from the British Divers and Marine Life Rescue stated that it is 'likely only nine of the remaining 13 animals will survive.'

As we know the number 13 is the Hebrew gematria value of 'Love' and 'The One'. It is also the date of my birth on the planet.

Nine is the number of completion and divine love.

If these whales washed up in Japan, they would eat and distribute the meat. Free food Scotland.

Is it a sign? Yes, a major one for the people of Scotland. Remember the sign of Jonah and the Queen of the South. Well she has some Scottish blood running through her veins. There is a book about the Jews of Scotland that some might be interested in. I myself have not read it, although it looks like an interesting read. [3]

The sign of Jonah is related to the Queen of the South in the biblical prophecies,  it is also to do with the judgement.

Look out Scotland, a storm is coming!




Anonymous said...

William Wales living in Wales - is his father king? In Russian Orthodox weddings couples are Crowned. Armband with Malteze cross He representing the name of God. William studied at St. Andrews and Earl of Strathern - Ruler of Scotland. Everything is meticulously planned. 13 is the 13 bloodlines. The Oceans have been contaminated with chemicals. The Queen does not eat sea food with toxins dumped in the sea. How quickly people forget even BP and the billions of chemicals dumped.

Eliakim said...

There are toxins in all food that is produced by manufacturers and farmers. Italy is the most ecological farming country in Europe due to most of the farmers rejecting pesticides and fertilizers. The body has the ability to remove 'toxins'; when the people work with the body.