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Today, the Daily Mail published an article titled: 'Act now... or say goodbye to the Britain we know'.

'The public are fed up with mass immigration. That was the message of the public petition on the Downing Street website launched last autumn.  Only 11 of the 36,000 petitions on that site have reached the 100,000 signatures required to trigger a House of Commons debate. This petition reached that 100,000 within a week, with the resulting debate in the House of Commons today taking place.  We will at last be giving voice to the widespread public concern.

The fact is that the public do not believe the claims of the immigration lobby and they are right. Nor do they think that enough attention has been paid to the impact of such huge numbers on the lives of ordinary people – particularly not by the BBC.

The reality is that we are experiencing by far the largest wave of immigration for nearly 1,000 years.

Certainly, there has been some limited immigration over the centuries and many immigrants and their children have made a positive contribution to this country. But mass immigration is entirely new.

This really is the last chance saloon.
If the Government were to lose its nerve and fail to press on with reform we would be saying goodbye to the country we inherited.

Unsustainable: If immigration is allowed to continue at its current rate our population will climb from 62.3 million to 70 million in just 15 years time.

The Office for National Statistics recently published the immigration figures back to 1964. It is very interesting to see that, until the early 1980s, more people left Britain than came here. From then until the mid 1990s net migration was never more than about 50,000 a year, and often much less. It took off in 1998 and by 2010 had risen to 250,000 a year – five times higher than in 1997.

There has never been a declared government policy. Nor any planning. And certainly no public support - quite the opposite. By 2008, about three quarters of us wanted to see immigration reduced; half the public wanted it reduced ‘by a lot’.

Their wishes are yet to be met.

The impact of these numbers is already being felt throughout the country and the big cuts to public expenditure are still to come.'

At the same time the government are demanding that 340,000 sick people and people without limbs, and in wheelchairs find work.

So what is the work situation like in the UK? The Daily Mail offer you another report. As the LORD God said 'Its all over the Daily Mail, its all over the Daily Mail'.

Jobless Britain: How up to a THIRD of households in some cities are completely out of work

•    In 2011 Liverpool had the highest percentage of workless households, followed by South Teesside, the Welsh Valleys and Glasgow
 •    The lowest rates were in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cumbria 

 •    There are 3.7 million households without jobs across the UK


My Dad was a union man for most of his working life; as such I am fully aware that the unions knew in the 1970's that there would not be work for everyone. That is why flexi-time and job share was introduced. However, due to low salaries, the sheer amount of low paid work, combined with the very high cost of living, people cannot live on the salaries from part-time work. The cost of living is higher than what one can earn to pay for it in a majority of cases. Long gone are the days when a working class family could feed, clothe and put a roof over their heads supported by one bread winner in the family. Originally, working mums although often part-time, worked to pay for luxuries and holidays. Not anymore, they now work when they can get it; to pay for essentials like food and bills. 

Families are in debt, and living on credit, if not credit cards, then credits from the government; due to the cost of living being higher than what they can afford. A cost of living that has been impacted upon by the largest immigration for 1,000 years. The welfare state and the NHS cannot withstand what it has been forced to endure. The people who have lived on this land for generations should not be paying the price for the cost of the immigration that has taken place. Governments are seriously going to have to get their priorities in order. In other words, first come, first served. The indigenous population of the land must come first, because it is the numerous generations of those families that paid their taxes for the welfare state and medical profession to exist in the first place. If I went to an Islamic country would they give me, money, a house, food, car, free medical and dental treatment? No! 

In the 70's the unions hadn't taken into account such large numbers of immigrants arriving on our shores, it was not anticipated as far as I am aware. As such, they also did not take into account the huge change in demographics that is taking place right now, before our very eyes. The fact of the matter is that Islam is out birthing the nations that the Muslims emigrate to; and there is no country where they haven't gone. Although some countries have had a higher influx than others. Western nations that are basically giving away its prosperity to people from oil rich nations. Not only are they giving their prosperity and jobs of the nations away, they are giving away the future inheritance of our children. Can the damage that the immigration has co-created be reversed? Very unlikely, at this point. Will the LORD God allow Islam to take over every nation? Certainly not, he will sink the countries into the sea rather than allow an Islamic world to come to be.

Civilizations have been wiped out before and it can happen again. As I said to the Buddhists what will you do if there is no rain for 200 years? Of course, they did not respond, and carried on talking about picking up rubbish off the floor to clean the streets. That and riding a bus instead of a car, was their main contribution of helping the environment. I did wonder what planet are you on? Governments have long-term ecological targets to meet, yet there are no college courses training people to live and build truly ecologically off the grid. Due to the stakeholders and corporations that wish to keep taxing people to the hilt for that which God gave to humanity for free. 

Those that know their bibles will also understand the significance of the 1,000 years mentioned in the original article, and how it relates to the book of Revelation. Well the thousand years is up folks! Enough of the beheadings and the murder of those that have spoken in the name of Jesus or anyone else. Times up, and it is the end of the world has you have known it! 

I shall say this, I have nothing against Muslims or the Islamic community that make a worthy contribution to society and adhere to and honor the culture in which they live.  I have enjoyed good long-standing friendships with Muslims from different nations, those that have inherited it from parents and the converted kind. 

However, I find all Muslims (including the academic ones) whether born into it or converted to it, incredibly naive. Much like orthodox Christians, the truth will set them free. If any religion or its people cannot be addressed candidly, and in a thorough and critical way, then it is not worthy of humanity or the future children of the world. The same applies to Judaism and any other 'belief' systems that impact on consciousness and the future health and healing of the nations. 


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