Saturday, 22 September 2012


Now the heads of the atheists and unbelievers of this celestial reality, will crack open with the headaches that they are experiencing. They will shed tears from the tension and what it is doing its utmost to show them.

Why? They did not seek within for the reason why they received the migraines in the first place.

In metaphysics migraines are to do with a 'dislike of being driven', 'Resisting the flow of life', 'Fears to do with 'Sexuality'. [1] No surprise then that the 22nd of September is the 'Day of Restless Drive'.
Four years ago, we did inform the people that they were being driven into the sun.

Why the sun? Nothing can grow without it. That is why the prophecies tell you that the heavenly mother is dressed in the sun. Rev 12. 

Prophet Malachi also informed the people that the sun of righteousness would be sent to Israel. Prophet Hosea informed you that she would be planted in Jezreel and Malachi informed you that she would do healing work with the Levites. Prophet Malachi described the spiritual alchemist and what she would do. In some cultures, especially oceanic, the sun is feminine and the moon is masculine. 

Are the headaches mentioned in the biblical prophecies as well?

Genesis 3:15 mentions how the heads of the snakes will be crushed. It also informed you how they would strike her heel. What is the achilles heel of the mother? Her only weakness is the children. Hence, they went after the children, because they knew if they did the LORD God would send the mother mentioned in Rev 12 and Micah 4 and reveal her. 

What does it say in 'Sacred Words?'

You cannot achieve
Peace of mind.
Until there is peace
in the heart.

Peace of mind
then creates
peace on earth. 


Reality can be disturbing.
It takes an enlightened
mind to see it as not so.


The waters have broken
in the mind of man,
get ready for the birth
of the new adam.
Positive human being. 



1. 'Heal Your Body', published by Louise Hay

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