Monday, 24 September 2012

Christian Old Reality -v- New Reality

In response to a Christian.

No I am not connected to any Churches. The LORD God chose for me to be a celestial reality not 3D. Although this body was baptized has a baby, and married in Church. That was also a biblical prophecy fulfilled. That was prior to this Holy Spirit being born again a celestial reality. 

The LORD God, the heavenly Father,  asked me to lead the people out of the Church not into it. He asked me to bring the Christians to him. Why is that? Probably because Christians worship his son.  

Jesus knew that reality would change and that the old heaven and earth will indeed pass away. However, he also informed his followers that his words would never pass away. Why is that? They are important to the science of being and the spiritual law of creation. His words fulminate religion and confound the scholars. That is because his reality is a celestial spiritual reality and not a religious one.

By the way, he likes this song. 'Nothing else matters' he bestowed it upon me at Christmas 2008 when he said we were going into a higher gear, and that the time was nigh. That is when we started this blog.

He cares about those that have open minds and hearts, because they are willing to change their realities and views. It sings of our friendship, near and far, and how we come from the heart. No matter where he or the heavenly Father took me, the heart carried on in the courage that they gave me. 

Has the heavenly Father said to me 'Rock stars sang about you'. My views change like the song indicates. I never stand still, always open to receive divine truth. Always willingly, and faithfully,  to be the divine instrument for the heavenly Father to deliver his song. Even when grace was under pressure, his Lady had to sing the blues to help people to make a shift. 

'unite humanity as one'.

In the prophecies delivered by Prophet Isaiah he warns you about making all of the fields one. No, there shall be no NWO that can be controlled by one man. We shall not make all of the fields one, we shall live by the law of the prophets, the science of the being and real divine experience. However, the prophecies tell you that the rest can live how they choose to live. 

Read Micah 4 and the LORD's plan for the last days of the end times. His new holy city is part of that, and so is his Harp of Faithfulness, otherwise referred to has daughter ZION, daughter Jerusalem.

People are unique individuals with unique countries and nations. With cultural differences and languages for divine purpose. It is to help the people to retain their freedom and spiritual independence.

The LORD God informed you all that he did not send me to unite humanity has one, he sent me to unite the spiritual. The real divine power is with the spiritual, and when united they have the cure for all ills. It is indeed time for sublime audacity!

Nostradamus also predicted that there will be a new rule that will reign for 7,000 years.

The religions have past their sell by date, its like a product that has come to the end of its life cycle, and the product has been removed from the shelf. The religions and their members had plenty of opportunity to set the world free from captivity, they did not do it. Read Rev 17 and 18 that applies to the USA.

The religions had 9,000 years to liberate the people.  That came to an end at Jewish New Year in 2007, when we delivered the everlasting covenant predicated by Prophet Isaiah.

999 was the beginning of the end of religious control and domination of the people and their children. That was when the children received their divine plan.

Now it is a changing of the guard. As the LORD God himself said ‘The die is cast. It is set in stone’.

The true law of the prophets is spiritual not religious. That is why the word religion does not exist in biblical Hebrew or in Arabic in the Quran.

There will be a new language has predicted in the biblical prophecies, but not has man thinks of it. It will not be a cultural language. It will concern the way the people communicate in their own language. The people will come to know and understand the sheer power of communication on their bodies and vibrational frequencies. It has been proven scientifically by Dr Emoto, and more scientific research will be done to prove that what I am telling you is divine truth.


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Eliakim said...

When the Son of God heard that song playing, he came close to my side. He said 'You have cleared the path for them'.