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Coconut Oil Combats Tooth Decay

Weeks ago I was compelled to paint and it began with painting fruit. A friend asked what should she bring when she came to see me and I asked her to bring me some coconut. I had intended to use it in cooking. However, she amazed me by bringing me a real coconut, so we did some healing work with coconut, and it brought forth cellular memories of being in the Dominican Republic for clearing.

Afterwards I painted the coconut, and gave it to her sister when she came to visit me. At that time I viewed the coconut has holding the milk of the Christ teachings. The coconut looks rough on the outside, yet it is sweet inside filled with natural nutrients. Another teaching about appearances and not to judge a book by its cover. As we know the coconut is heavy, and you know when you are holding one. It could certainly knock you out if it landed on your head.

'Most people think that coconut milk is the liquid inside the coconut, but this is not the case. The liquid inside the coconut is known as coconut water or juice, and coconut cream is made from pressing the coconut meat. Coconut milk is made from the expressed juice of grated coconut meat and water.'  [2] 

Today, coconut is in the news and research shows that coconut oil combats tooth decay. Did you know that the teeth are connected to the organs? An holistic therapist from Sweden, Dr Ken Gillemo wrote a book called 'Cause, Effect & Treatment'. It was first published in 1987 in Sweden and 1988 in England. He wrote that 'The Chinese have known for a very long time that there is a connection between the teeth and the inner organs of the body. In the gums there are numerous acupuncture points. If these points are interfered with (e.g. inflammation, pressure, or an electrical current set up by fillings) it will affect the revelant organ or part of the body.'. In his book he provides an excellent chart of specific teeth and which organ they are connected to.

My holistic dentist also associates the teeth with past life connections as well. However, one area that appears to have been ignored is the sheer impact of the nervous system on the body. If a person is advised to have root canal work done, it is better to have the tooth removed if 'toxins' are seeping into the mouth. If a person has to have a tooth removed, then there is something else going on in the body, depending on which tooth it is.


For instance when I was pregnant with my son, a few of my teeth began to crumble away in my mouth and I had to have some crowns put in.  The baby was taking the calcium that my body required. Hence, it is imperative that pregnant women boost their calcium with calcium supplements during pregnancy. Coconut oil would also be good taken in small quantities, like a teaspoon a day.

Its also no coincidence that one of the wisdom teeth that had to be crowned due to the crumbling of the teeth, links to the sole of the feet.  When I was seven years old I stood on a broken glass in the river Medway, and I still have the large scar today in the arch of my left foot. The connection between the feet and the head is due to the nervous system, the cranial fluids and the meridians.


The other wisdom tooth that was crowned at that time is connected to the 'Cervical Vetebrae', no coincidence that I had laser treatment on the cervix prior to giving birth to my son. During the coconut healing session, I felt the heat of the laser treatment that took place over 30 years ago. The cells were still holding onto the memory of the heat that the body had experienced at that time. As such, we concentrated on giving Reiki to that area of the body until it cleared.

After you have healed on a mental, emotional and soul level, then the physical memories surface for healing in my experience. This we call 'cellular healing', by healing and removing the memories held in the cells. If people do not do this healing work then the memories can build-up to the point that the body is in overload; then serious disease can manifest due to the body being laden down by memories held in the cells.


Two crowns on two wisdom teeth on the upper right side of my mouth. As we know the bible also mentions wisdom in Rev 13. A double crown in the mouth that took place prior to the birth of Jordan, and a double crown on the head that co-creates a rare hairline that I was born with.

There is also a third crown in my mouth,  and that links to the throat. My tonsils were removed when I was 14 years old. Operations have much more impact on the body and its mechanisms than most people realize. Operations have long term impact, and can co-create side effects in ways that the medical profession do not currently understand. Post-operative healing, and deep tissue massage is essential for the body, in addition to various holistic and natural remedies that work with specific areas for specific purposes. The plants, fruits and trees were given freely to heal the nations as indicated by the bible itself.

Everything is connected, Ken Gillemo mentions the acupuncture points, and what we are also talking about here is the energetic meridians that work with the nervous system of the body. One can understand the energetic meridians has a blueprint for the nervous system. The meridian system is also part of the triad energetic system that I wrote about in 1998. Various complimentary therapies work on the meridians; and they include acupuncture, shiatsu, reflexology from the ancient healing arts. In addition to kinesiology that was developed in the 20th century by a doctor.

Oils are also used in aromatherapy with cancer patients, and a good indian head massage is superb. No surprise then that the oils and massage are mentioned in the bible. Mary Magdalene was an aromatherapist and reflexologist. As we know the bible also mentions the oil in the parable of the Virgins.

Researchers found coconut oil attacks the bacteria that co-creates tooth decay. Decay that impacts on 60-90% of children in industrialized nations. Their studies 'are also looking into the workings of antibacterial activity in the human gut."Our data suggests that products of human digestion show antimicrobial activity. This could have implications for how bacteria colonise the cells lining the digestive tract and for overall gut health," said Dr Brady. [1] 

What else do we have on the coconut? When I was young I used to sunbath in coconut oil. Our first mention of the coconut on our blog was in 2011. [3] Then again in January, 2012. Now the coconut again. 

Coconut power indeed! 




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