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In the last blog post we shared the news about the Chinese going after the natural resources of Afghanistan. [1] So what does the bible say about the Copper?

The book of deuteronomy mentions the copper being a natural resource.

A land where bread will not be scarce and you will lack nothing; a land where the rocks are iron and you can dig copper out of the hills. Deu 8:9 Job also mentioned the copper. 28:2

Prophet Ezekiel mentions how the people are like copper e.g. metal energy that the LORD calls 'vulcanic'. Ezekiel 22:18, 22:20. 24:11. 

In the book of Mark, and the book of Luke, coins were made out of copper, and they were given by the poor widow. The Son of God informed his followers that the 'poor widow' had put more into the treasury than all of the wealthy had done. It became known as the 'widows offering'. 

'They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything – all she had to live on.’ Mark 12:44. Does it remind you of the difference between Mitt Romney, Obama and yours truly? 

The story about the widow is important because the bible tells you about Jezebel that refused to be a widow. The woman Jezebel mentioned in Rev 2 was Elizabeth Claire Prophet (USA) and she did amass huge wealth and refuse to be a widow, exactly has the prophecies predicted. 

ECP is also symbolic of the USA. She made herself beautiful on the outside, but she had not cleansed her plate of consciousness. Remember what Jesus said to the Jewish priests about cleaning their cup and the plate. He was talking about consciousness, because he knew that the more that people cleansed their perceptions of reality, the greater the clarity and conscious awareness becomes. He was asking them to cleanse their insides, and not be like those Rome. He knew that the only way that the Jewish people could defeat Rome, was to seek within themselves, because it would enable them to break free from the never ending karmic cycles. 

ECP married numerous times, just like Elizabeth Taylor did as well. Now read Rev 17 and 18 that is about the USA. Micah 4 also refers to the USA has Babylon. The prophecy informs you that Jezebel was asked to change her ways, and she did not do so. Rev 2 also tells you about a different person that was victorious and overcome, that person was put upon his throne and put in charge of theos creation. 

Of course, he was also telling his followers that the one that he would choose would be a widow and would be poor. He was informing his followers that the 'widows offering' was greater in importance to him, than anything that the rich could or would do. 

What else did she give to him, she gave him the vulcanic energy so that she had it no more. She willingly surrendered what she had held inside of herself. Its no coincidence that a Copper Seven was inserted into my cervix by the family planning clinic, and it resulted in cancerous cells. That then led to laser treatment that has also impacted on the physical in other ways. 

Has we know, the complimentary medicine therapists are aware of the 'heavy metal miasm' that is a co-creator of disease. We recommend Ginseng with Royal Jelly, (not for those with high-blood pressure or pregnant) and pure honey to counteract it, if and when it is put into your body due to injections etc. 

So how much vulcanic energy does Romney and Obama have? Their words reveal it every time they open their mouths. The prophecies also predicted that the people would be judged by their words in this timeline. 

Now it is no coincidence that when my son Jordan left home for the last time, he left a cooking dish full of copper coins. I truly do understand the message that was beyond his comprehension. His copper coins were given to his mother. He gave everything that he could to his mother, and the LORD chose him and helped him for doing so. 

During his time with his mother, he surrendered what had to be surrendered so that he could move on with his life in a good way on the path of peace. It was a healing time for him in his mothers energy, a time of purification. 

No coincidence than that while he was living with me, he was informed that his father had died seven years previously. 

Now what he had to do with and for his mother has been completed, and I understand the message completely. His support and what he did was crucial to the divine plan. 

Always remember that the path has been cleared for you, if you open your eyes to see it, your ears to hear it, and if you have the heart to understand the way forward that is truly sacred and divine. 

Turn your hearts to the children, and they will turn their hearts to you. 


1. http://academysounds.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/china-after-afghanistans-copper.html

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