Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ginseng and Dental Treatment

I set off for a dental appointment today, I had taken some rescue remedy prior to leaving. I take this flower essence combination before and after dental treatment, because I have been known to start losing consciousness; if and when injected.

On the way there the LORD said 'Ginseng'.

During the treatment I saw hearts, pink and gold energy, then flowers. After that the feathers of the peacock, and peacock feathers are to do with multi-dimensional consciousness. Peacock feathers also remind me of Quan Yin.

I do have some Ginseng and Royal Jelly in the cupboard. The best kind is the liquid that you can buy from the Chinese shop. You only take it for ten days, one vial each day. Clearly, the ginseng is to counteract the solution that was used in the injection that I received. So I shall take one today, it does not taste very nice, but it is good for you.

So what else is Ginseng with Royal Jelly good for?

Livestrong report that it works with managing blood sugar levels, and research has been done that indicate that ginseng has potential for diabetes control. [1] It is also used for fatigue due to its restorative powers and works with the nervous system. It impacts on the immune system, by invigorating it, it also has infection fighting properties. It regulates hormones, so it also excellent for women during the menopause.

This is not the first time that Ginseng has been recommended divinely. It has also been given in the past for people whose energetic system was lethargic due to 'toxin's'. A dental injection is also a chemical toxin and Ginseng with royal jelly gives your energetic system a kick-boost. Cooking with ginger has also been recommended in the past for people that have 'lethargic' energetic systems.

There are many types of Ginseng, including those more appropriate for men or women. It is written that one of the most balanced and popular is Siberian Ginseng. Although I stick to the Chinese one that is recommended by our local Chinese doctor.

It can be taken as a flower essence, as a herb, tincture, decoction, tea, capsule, tablet, soup, root wine. [2] I have also been experimenting with using some of the Ginseng and Royal Jelly has a massage oil. Gurudas recommends it for 'nervous exhaustion' so it is also good for people during and after operative procedure, or following any type of 'trauma'. Also good for the people who are helping others after operative procedure. However, the Chinese doctor recommends that people with 'high blood pressure' do not take it.

"Regeneration of the thymus, pancreas, pituitary, testicles, ovaries, and liver develop. There is a general strengthening of the endocrine system. Ginseng eases stress on the immune system, and ductless gland system. Cell mitosis increases, which aids and promotes cell division for as much as two or three generations." [3] Gurudas states that is also impacts on neurological endings. Creative capacity is also increased.

Important note: Ginseng is not recommended for pregnant women either. There is a little book called 'Ginseng' from the healing herbs series, this one was written by Jill Rosemary Davies.

The dental treatment that I required was due to the fact that I had used 'whitening toothpaste' from the USA. I stopped using the toothpaste when my teeth began to crack and wholes began to appear. The American toothpaste was removing the white enamel from my teeth.

Love beyond measure


1. http://www.livestrong.com/article/187444-ginseng-royal-jelly-benefits/
2. 'Siberian Ginseng' book of Jill Rosemary Davies
3. Flower Essences and VIbrational Healing, book by Gurudas


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