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When I was cut off from the internet (as mentioned in the book of Daniel) a major change came about. After two months, I was compelled to paint and I had never painted before. It began with painting fruit for a lady to make her laugh and inspire her to paint. It then moved into mandalas and other intuitive art. No surprise then that there is a company in Australia called Mandala Wine, has we know the wine is also associated with Elijah and the mystics. Rumi also wrote about the wine of the mystic 'without dregs'.

Now it made me smile today, to come across the Mandala Wine Company in Australia [1] and the fact that they have a wine called 'The Prophet', Pinot Noir, 2006. Has 2006 is the first time that I was sent to Israel on a mission for God. They also have the Prophet, Pinot Noir, 2008 and that was the year that I was sent to the USA as well. How amazing is that!

Now while I have been painting mandalas for the first time in my life, the Tibetans have been presenting their Sand Mandalas in the USA. [2] I do love the Tibetans. While I was in Australia I met many Buddhists. However, none of them were painting.  Although I did meet a wonderful professional Buddhist artist at the healing centre outside Athens. His mandalas were wall size. Absolutely huge.

Suddenly being compelled to paint mandalas is an interesting phenomenon. The word phenomenon is also interesting and it comes from the Greek word 'Phaino' and it means 'I SHOW'. [2] Most of them are on A4 paper, small and simple, although some change depending on how you look at them.


The psychologist Carl Jung also experienced it although we view it differently. Carl Jung wrote 'It was only towards the end of the First World War that I gradually began to emerge from the darkness'. He contributed it to two facts, the first that he had finished a relationship with a woman that was doing her utmost to convince him that his 'fantasies' from the unconscious had artistic value and merit'. Was he in fact, calling his visions and divine experiences, 'fantasies' because he was seeking to understand them? His writings about his struggle with it does indicate that.

In terms of his 'struggle to understand' his experiences, he wrote: 'Out of this irritation and disharmony within myself there proceeded, the following day, a changed mandala; part of the periphery has burst open, and the symmetry was destroyed'.

The second, and he called it the 'principle event' was that he began to understand the importance of mandalas. At first he did not understand why he began painting them. While sketching mandalas daily he wrote that he was 'able to observe his psychic transformations.' 'Only gradually did I discover what the mandala really is; 'Formation, Transformation, Eternal Mind's eternal recreation.'.

In his writings from 'Confrontation of the Unconscious' he mentions his 'wants'. This shows us that Carl Jung was still operating from his root and sacral chakra, in fact, many would be surprised about what he wrote about the lady that he was involved with.

Reading between the lines it is clear the lady was doing her utmost to inspire him to make a breakthrough by viewing his reality has a creative one, and not an academic one. However, if you saw what he wrote about the woman that he was involved with in a personal relationship, clearly what he accused the lady of was about himself.

He refers to her has 'stubborn', 'irritating' and her letters 'got on his nerves'. Does that sound like a man that has integrated the patience of a saint? No, it sounds like the man he describes himself to be. 'Self-importance', 'bigotry', 'inferior reactions', 'cannot tolerate self-deceptions'. One might ask where is the heart and where is the love?

There are hearts in these mandalas Carl, did you paint pretty pictures too?

In my humble view, the painting of his mandalas had nothing to do with the relationship that he finished, or understanding mandalas. It was all about his recovery from the war, and to help him to further understand his intuitive and psychic experiences.

Remember he wrote about the 'darkness' that the First World War brought into his reality. Jung's mandala pictures featured in the book that I am viewing, do feature aspects of that war and all that it entails. Clearly, it had a powerful impact on his consciousness and psyche, due to him coming from where he was.

A man that was struggling with the divine due to his energy being in a place of 'wants' due to his own lack of healing the self. No psychologist should be working with patients until they have done a huge amount of healing the self. If and when people are at war with the self and the divine, they should not be let loose on the general public or be employed to work with anyone's mind. That means that no atheist should be allowed to work with any patient that is having psychic experiences or hearing voices.

I applaud the work of Jung, I have always said that he was ahead of his time in the academic field. However, it is also very important to remember that he was not a fully developed mystic or healer of consciousness in the true sense of the words; when he wrote about the mandalas.

From my perspective, the mandalas that I have been compelled to paint are so full of very bright colors, they are also intuitive art. I did not start painting for myself like Carl Jung, I began painting for others. I am still painting for others. I link to a person's name and paint a mandala or different painting for them.

Every single one of them is unique, individual to the person that it is for. Each energy and the colors involved are different, different shapes and different outcomes. So unlike Carl Jung's view, this intuitive art is not about self/monad, its about others and giving to others from the heart that understands.

Its also a creative expression and being able to be creative in the healing process on a planetary level of healing consciousness. 'Healing is the path of salvation and love is the way.' from Sacred Words. Bringing color into your outer life and allowing the intuition and experience to flow. Color is healing, has such, after any difficult time, painting can be very positive for clearing the auric field of consciousness.

In addition to clearing the consciousness of the environment in which you live. Especially if you have been sharing your living space with someone else and their auric consciousness. Its great to look at beauty, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Jung wrote about the quaternity or a multiple of four found in his mandalas. Although he did not connect it, or link it up with the originating DNA, why would he when he was concentrating on 'wanting' to understand consciousness from a man's point of view?

Jung was looking at the symbology, he was looking at the archetypes, but he was not studying himself and his own soul by seeking within his own consciousness. The mandala was just one method that his soul compelled him to embrace to do so. He was struggling to make a breakthrough within himself, has his words about the relationship with his girlfriend demonstrates.

The feminine was doing her utmost to assist him with his spiritual evolution and as he wrote 'it got on his nerves'. That is an excellent description of how he was feeling; when it was a woman that could see what he was not yet ready to accept. Now if I had felt what Jung had felt, instead of trying to figure out why I was painting mandalas and what they mean, I would've looked within at the word 'NERVES' and where that was directing me to look.

That really sums it up, his own consciousness was being triggered by the feminine to look at the nerves.  Yet, he did not have the humility to accept responsibility for it. His 'nerves' and its internal system had been impacted upon by the war itself, in side and outside of his being.

Her creative light and spirituality was triggering his darkness that he held within himself. That often happens when a man is confronted by the feminine that he perceives to be more evolved than himself. It is sometimes hard for men to accept the sheer power of the intuitive female who does her utmost to show them the way to the inner sanctum of the heart. The same can happen for women to; when they are faced with a person that is an authority on divine experiences. It usually triggers issues to do with the 'mother figure' and her authority that she demonstrated in their childhood. Hence another place for Jung to go was to his 'inner child' that was being triggered by the lady that was trying to help him.

Plato understood it well when he spoke of the men that were afraid of the light.

'The light triggers the darkness and the darkness triggers the light, until there is no more darkness left'. From Sacred Words


We all know that war impacts on the nervous system of the people. That is why so many military experience post trauma. However, that does not mean that Carl Jung's reason for being with the mandalas has the same purpose for everyone.

Everyone is unique, and some people are drawn to paint early in life and some late in life. The same with healing and understanding color has a tool for healing. Color can be has powerful has the food that you eat, and the air that you breathe. It is important that humanity come to understand the power of color, because your being is a range of multi-dimensional colors and vibrations. Vibration is sound, sound is color and color is sound.

Humanity have eyes to see the colors of the world and beyond, why is it that they do not appreciate that they are made of color as well? That color impacts on their well-being inside and out.

In the 90's, I was drawn to work with color ribbons and silks, its amazing the difference in the energies from one color and another. I also have a light box where different color film can be placed. Interesting healing energies when you put the paintings and mandalas on the light box in a healing sanctuary.


I associate the painting with a new beginning and phase in my life with the healing arts.  Enabling a step forward in a different way, now that the 'shamans death' initiation is completed.

For instance; the other day I gave a friend a painting. I just painted what I was compelled to paint. When I painted the graphic, I wasn't consciously aware that the lady that it was being painted for, had been through some very serious operative procedure. Nor was I aware that she had been to Egypt on holiday, or had been born there.

No surprise, that there were pyramids in her painting with other healing energies. While painting it, I had felt a strong St Francis of Assisi energy with it, and I linked into a past life in Egypt that she had lived with two of her friends during the life time of St Francis. There was monastic life felt at the time of painting it. I felt strongly that the lady had been one of the Egyptian Therapeutae at that time, and that my connection with her and another friend was indeed past life as healing therapists.

Native American, Russell Means also paints, it is good for him too. He is a professional artist. Isaiah 63:1 Who is this that cometh from EDOM?

In Hebrew Strongs the Hebrew word for heart is 'lebab' from 'labab' and 'flame' is 'Labbah'. [2]Now interesting that this link from a Jewish Rabbi sage is about the Levites, it mentions the feet, the great gifts and the 'Seven gifts from produce'. 'The Mysteries of Femininity'. [4]

I do have a painting of the (lotus) feet and an incredible photograph where other images appeared in the photograph after I had been divinely instructed to photograph them. Has we know seven also relates to the spiritual law of the being and the seven year cycles of life. It is true to say that it is only the inner sanctum of the heart that truly understands divine realities and its experiences that one can see. Hence, I allowed the lady and her Egyptian painting to sit with it prior to explaining it to her. She then provided the confirmation of what I had felt intuitively was indeed correct.

So where will the paintings take me? I am just enjoying the adventure, as always, always appreciative of what life and its goodness can bring into focus.  I will show you some of my intuitive and inspired art as soon as I can get some of them scanned. ( I don't have a scanner) I will upload a few of them in this blog post.

The last three mandalas that I painted are for children. Two in the family, and the third is for a 15 year old that has gone missing. Please say a prayer for the child. There are also planetary pictures and all sorts of new realities. So you can understand this phase of the journey has more of the prophets wine. It does remind me of time spent with the artists in different countries. Including the blessed time spent in Israel.

The Sanskrit word for mandala means 'circle', 'It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in. That bringeth the princes to nothing' Isaiah 40.22 

Good timeline there with both British princes being in hot water in the media since I began painting. Harry with his nude party games, and William being cross with the press over the photographs of his wife. I wonder if the princes know that they are mentioned in the biblical prophecies? The prophecies predict that the princes will be brought to nothing. The bible also predicts that the kings and princes cannot reach the standard that has been set in this timeline. 

Extraordinary women do extraordinary things. As you can see my affirmation is very different to Carl Jung's. 

May you all have a creative day...

Love beyond measure



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