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Daily Mail headline, 'Numbness, insomnia, constant pain and fatigue just some of the symptoms of a debilitating illness that affects 1.8 million Britons'. That is a lot of people that require cellular healing work. Numbness is also to do with people who are fragmented, as such that requires a lot of therapists that know how to retrieve the soul fragments that have flipped out of the body.

The Daily Mail state that 'Fibromyalgia' is a neurological condition. Other therapies that I recommend to help this condition is aromatherapy and deep tissue massage, in addition to reflexology. The right diet is essential including the right minerals. Of course living in the sunshine would help as well.

Healing consciousness impacts on the tissues, cells, meridians and nervous system and there is an art to it. If people do not heal the 'painful' situations that people have experienced during their lives, it will manifest on a physical level in the cells themselves. Pain does surface and forces people to look at it to ensure that they begin to seek within. However, prevention is better than cure. Painkillers just suppress what the pain is trying to show you.

Due to the impact of the nervous system it is essential that people come to understand their own body processes. When people view the 'pain' has a message from the body, and the fact that the body is giving you a wake up call, people will change their view of the 'pain' and how they deal with it. Fibromyalgia is clearly a condition related to traumatic life experiences. Life experiences that can go back to being born in the first place. Its a known fact that when the body and its nervous system has had enough, the nervous system then goes out of control. That then impacts on functionality.

People also have to look at lifestyle and make lifestyle changes. Did this condition exist prior to their being so many office workers? People spending their lives working long hours; sitting in the same position in front of computer screens? The human body was not built to work indoors 24/7. Nor was it built to be cooped up in an office like chickens in their pens five days a week.


Medical Editor, Sally James, states that 'Many fibromyalgia patients can point to an accident, injury or illness that begins their symptoms.' [3] Again, accidents and injury are to do with trauma. Sally states that hers began with the flu that never went away. However, I am sure if we took her full case study, we would find the situations in her life that have been triggered by the 'flu'. 

Another good therapy to try is 'Trigger Point Therapy' and the book that helps you to work with it yourself. The book includes a proven method for overcoming soft-tissue pain. I have a copy of this book and it is very thorough indeed. I highly recommend it. 

So how many people have it worldwide?

'According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, 3-6% of the world’s population has fibromyalgia syndrome. With a projected world population of 6,816,322,780 in April 2010 (based on the US Census Bureau’s US and World Population Clocks), this estimate would mean that somewhere around 200 million to 400 million people worldwide have fibromyalgia syndrome.' 

NIAMS (the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, one of the US National Institutes of Health) estimates that 3.7 million people in the USA have fibromyalgia syndrome. This would be a prevalence (the number of people in the population with the disease) of about 1 in 73 people. [2] 

Intidyn has partnered with neurologists and fellow co-authors, Drs. Argoff and Wymer to study 
fibromyalgia that is a mystery to most doctors. They suspect that the unrelenting pain may be related to the sensory nerve endings on blood vessels. Deep in the skin. Here is a link that also describes how researchers found a hidden sensory system in the skin. [4]

I will share a recent experience with you that I had the other day. After my recent dental appointment, I had a painful nerve in my little finger pop up. Five days prior I had a blood test. I have also had a blood vessel explode under the skin, thumb, left hand. In palmistry, the left hand is to do with past life, it is also to do with the physical realm. 


That same hand has a swollen joint at the base of the thumb due to life experience. Age 4-5 bee sting, junior school, hand bitten by a dog. Age 24-25, large rusty nail in same hand. Tetanus injections. In addition, left foot cut, seven stitches, age 7-8. 

It seems that every time I receive an injection or blood test, the body responds. This morning when I woke up, my left hand was completely numb, and my body was in physical pain all over. 

Check out this link on the 'Ulnar Nerve entrapment'. [5] Some state that nerve pain in the little finger is to do with the elbow, and I do have a skin condition on that elbow as well. [6] Although the blood test was taken from the other arm. 

Once I recognized the nerve and the pain, and acknowledged what it was trying to show me. The pain and nerve went down and completely subsided. I also took some St John's Wort because it is an inflammatory, and it works brilliantly with the nervous system. 

The Indian astrologers state that the little finger is to do with MERCURY and so that then makes a lot of sense. [7] Bearing in mind that the dental injection was going into the mouth giving a message to the body to ‘numb it.’ and there is mercury in injections/vaccinations. 

We know that honey is good for the ‘heavy metal miasm’. However, prior to the dental treatment the LORD God said to me ‘GINSENG’, he knows that I have ginseng with royal jelly from the bees. Planet Mercury is the planet of communication has we know. The majority of books on palmistry mention that a straight little finger denotes basic human honesty. This link also mentions measuring it. My little finger is 6 cm. Has you can see, when I am looking at an health issue, I am looking at it from every angle, multi-dimensionally. 

Nathaniel Altman, author of many palmistry books, says that a pointed little finger on a writer reveals someone who writes from inspiration. Writing flows effortlessly and ideas come into mind out of thin air. My genetic dad used to say that I had piano fingers, because they were long and straight like his.

So what does my little finger have to do with the meridians?

Starting where the Heart meridian ends, the Small Intestine meridian begins at the outer tip of the little finger. It runs along the back edge of the hand, through the wrist, upward along the outer forearm and upper arm, to the shoulder. After circling the back of the shoulder, it meets the Governor Vessel meridian. Here it branches, with one branch going inside the body and descending through the heart, diaphragm, and stomach before ending in the small intestine. [9] 

My body is highly sensitive at this time, I can feel the meridians, and the nervous system. 

I can assure you that drugs are not the solution to Fibromyalgia. 


The Little Finger in Palmistry: What can the Pinky Finger Say About Someone? |


Eliakim said...

If those with 'Fibromyalgia' are having what I call a 'RAW DAY', then the body is asking for 'RAW HEALING FOOD'.

So for instance today, I am having a raw food day. First I took some Ginseng with Royal Jelly to boost the immune system and work with the 'metal miasm'. Followed by one tablet of St John's Wort, that works with the nervous system, followed by a spoonful of honey.

Then for lunch I had avocado, home made french dressing, (made with apple cider vinegar) fresh cut spring onion, with a little mayonaise. I had four sesame Ryvita crispbreads with it.

Here is more on the importance of the avocado and its potassium.

Little and often is the way.

In a couple of hours, I shall have some fresh salad with cheese for calcium, followed by fruit salad.

I have been blessed this week that a dear friend brought me some cheese with apricots in addition to more fruit that includes pineapple, English plums and nectarines.

However, I do have some melon, oranges and lemons to finish up. The fruit salad today will be wonderful.

Eliakim said...

Lots of Vit C today. I also took a nice walk in the sunshine and there was a cross in the sky above me created by the Chemtrails.