Monday, 17 September 2012

Ron Paul Moving Dream

This morning I had a dream Ron Paul. He was moving in above his dental surgery, a property that he owned. 

It was a small place and he was unpacking his things. I had gone for an appointment that he knew that I had, I was outside the building when he came to get me. He called out to me because he was waiting for me. 

However, when I asked him if he was going to look at my teeth he just carried on unpacking. He was smiling, he also sat down, looked around him and smiled. Yet I knew that he wasn’t really happy about having to move into the very small place he was now in. 

He was living alone, although the receptionist was in the small building as well. She didn't seem to be very happy that I was there and kept getting in the way.  I was helping Ron Paul carry things upstairs and he was placing items of furniture in the small lounge. Ron Paul was a doctor not a dentist. Who is involved in American politics and has a dental surgery? Orly Taitz, California. 

Is Ron Paul moving?

I do not remember ever dreaming about him before. 

A dream of moving is an 'obstacle' dream. If the move proceeds smoothly like it did in this dream, it means that there will be progress over the difficulties in your path. The dream ended while he was still unpacking. Ron Paul represented the voice of the youth e.g. the mouth, and in the dream if the unpacking was not completed then it means that there is a choice to be made between 'retrenchment' or a 'new start.' 

An appointment can also relate to the appointed time, biblically the appointed time began in 2009 when the herald ran with the analysis/interpretation of a particular biblical prophecy that was given as a revelation to Prophet Habakkuk. 

The last thing that I did last night was watch the film 'Islam, the Untold Story', a film documentary from Channel 4 (UK) that was cancelled due to its presenter Tom Holland being 'threatened'. Humanity cannot be allowed to be in a position where any person that shares the truth is 'threatened', or in the dream 'ignored'. Has Ron Paul been 'threatened?'.

The biblical prophecy about the appointed time relates to Islam. It is a prophecy about the oil rich nations and how 'shame will cover their glory', because of what they have done to the nations in the name of their ideology. 

In dreams an appointment can be a 'warning', and Ron Paul did not do what the appointment was booked for. Ron Paul did not fulfill the appointment, he carried on in his own way with the unpacking instead. That is why things did not work out the way that he had planned. The dream book indicates that he had given up, and had resigned himself to moving down into a place that was much smaller. 

He was forced to move into a smaller place, where he did not wish to go. Although he made the best of it. He was alone, nobody was living with him. I was helping Ron Paul with his things, but Ron Paul was not helping me with my teeth. Teeth are also to do with the body and the parts that they impact upon. In addition, the mouth is to do with communication. Ron Paul called me in the dream and then he did not do what he was meant to do. 

In the dream I was pleased with my teeth and what the other dental surgeon had done, I tried to show my teeth to Ron Paul, although Ron Paul did not wish to look at the work that had been done. 

So what is the message for Ron Paul and his supporters? 

God said 'It is not a one-way street'. 

A dream book that I recommend is 'The Dreamers Dictionary' by Stern Robinson & Tom Corbett. It was first published in 1974, and my edition was published in 1984 by 'Treasure Press'. The book was purchased at that time for 2.99.  


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