Friday, 28 September 2012


The vinegar and also there is a bottle of left over lemonade for the fruit flies is in place in the kitchen. [1] Now let's see how long it will take to get rid of them, I have made four altogether.

What did the bible say about the 'trap' do you know? The prophecies indicated that they would not see it coming. The ancestors of the Europeans that left Europe to go to the land of ESAU, the land of the red man. The biblical prophecies predicted that the indigenous peoples would be slaughtered, and indeed they were slaughtered by the religious orthodox that took over the lands of others. This is what they did to the children. Courtesy of Kevin Annett. The bible also predicted that they would go after my heel, and my achilles heel is the children.

The bible also predicted the destruction of the twin towers and the chief that would take their money. Why did they not understand it when the twin towers were built? Why did they not look in the bible to see that it was indeed written there? Why did they not listen when we informed them that Obama would take their money and that the USA was being set up for the fall? Their pride would not allow them to admit that I was right.  So many of the spiritual people around the world supported Obama and would not allow the truth to be shared.

Even now people of all sides of the political divide, think that they can save the USA. When the biblical prophecies predict otherwise. In fact, the biblical prophecies predict that every time you try to build it up again, the LORD will bring it down again. I recommend that all of Christian America read  Kevin's book 'Unrepentant'. For that surely is what the USA is, and it is indeed being disrobed along with the Vatican itself.

The sheer amount of pride of the Americans could simply not accept the truth that was being conveyed to them. However, there were some Americans that looked forward to its nations destruction, and I responded to them 'Are you going to wait until all of the fish are dead?'.

Jesus also gave a parable about the 'bad fish' being thrown away in this timeline by the Angels from heaven. In addition to the weeds being pulled up. Everything that the heavenly Father did not plant will be removed from this planet because it is the only way that the planet will survive and regenerate.

Psalm 69 speaks of how the ELOHIM will save ZION and it mentions the retribution against those that broke her heart. The proverbs tell you that only the righteousness of the upright can deliver them, but the unfaithful are trapped by their own evil desires. Proverbs 11:6 Proverbs 12:13 Just like the fruit flies.

That is why the Rabbi's stated that it is only Joseph that could help them, because Joseph is the upright one mentioned in the prophecies.

Romans 11:26 also informs you that the 'deliverer will come from ZION' and ZION is a celestial reality.

Only the blameless will receive a good inheritance. Proverbs 28:10. I did indeed receive an inheritance in more ways than one. It was a sign from my mother that I was indeed blameless and innocent. In addition I received my spiritual inheritance; that is the birthright of all of the children of Abraham.

Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 8:14) predicted that the only ones that would be caught in a snare by this holy one, would be those in Jerusalem. So who were they that could not respond to my questions in Jerusalem, Israel in 2007?

They were orthodox Americans and those from its Church. The fruit flies, a group including their pastor, stood up and left the table red faced. Embarrassed by their lack of understanding of spiritual symbology and its context in the bible. Yet, they had the audacity to call themselves Christians; and think that they knew more than the holy one sent by the LORD.

And David says: ‘May their table become a snare and a trap, a stumbling-block and a retribution for them.' Romans 11:9 

Prophet Obadiah spoke of ESAU and gave this prophecy, "All your allies will force you to the border; your friends will deceive and overpower you; those who eat your bread will set a trap for you, but you will not detect it." Obadiah 1:7 

'They were unable to trap him in what he had said there in public. And astonished by his answer, they became silent.' Luke 20:26 Indeed they did become silent and so did the so-called spiritual. 

When I was teaching professionally, I came to know that when people were silent, they were stunned by the excellence of what was being shared. Extraordinary people certainly do extraordinary things. 

The LORD has asked me to stay in the light with my innocence. I can now see that the innocence and that light that he refers to, also relates to my spiritual heritage that he gave to me and the children. 

So do not be surprised, if this is our last post to do with the USA. 




Eliakim said...

'The light triggers the darkness and the darkness triggers the light' from Sacred Words

No surprise then that after this post was put up, I received emails with videos against Israel from the USA. We have warned the Christians in the past about checking out their facts prior to distribution. I surely, do not intend to keep on repeating myself and reminding them of who is in bed with Iran. At the end of the day, the book of Daniel stands against Iran's leader, not its people itself.

Eliakim said...

Apologies the full quote is 'The light triggers the darkness and the darkness triggers the light until there is no more darkness left'. from Sacred Words