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Ancient Buddhist statue made from meteorite is revealed today. Researchers say that the '1,000 year-old object with a swastika on its stomach is made from a rare form of iron with a high content of nickel'. 

Researchers believe it is part of the Chinga meteorite, which crashed in Siberia/Mongolia about 15,000 years ago. The findings have been published in the Journal of Meteorites and Planetary Science. It is 24 cm, 9 inches in size and it weighs 10kg, 22lb. 

It was discovered in Tibet in 1938 by a German scientist Ernst Schafer. It has been in a private collection until 2007. Researchers believe that the statue comes from a pre-Buddhist Bon culture and that it was made in the 11th century. It is absolutely priceless and unique said Dr Buchner. 

It is written that originally it had been completely gilded. The statue appears to have a vase in one hand, and as we know that is the 'vase of purification' usually related to Kuan Yin. Known in the orient has the goddess of Compassion and Mercy. The vase holds the sweet dew of purification and the dew is also mentioned in the bible. The vase can be seen on the star card, and can also be found in planetary configurations has a sign for the age of Aquarius, the water bearer. It is also found in ancient Mayan manuscripts.

Around the neck of the stature, it appears to have a chain/necklace in the shape of the 'Y' and the right hand also appears to have a large mark in it, like an ancient pictograph. It looks like the letter 'J' and in the pictographs the shape of the J is the Hebrew letter lamed, the shepherds staff.

This statue is pointing to the purification by the divine feminine in the Age of Aquarius. The fact that it was made from meteorite is also significant, because has we know 'wormwood' is also mentioned in the book of Revelation.  People often associate 'wormwood' with the region where the meteorite was originally found. Although 'wormwood' is symbolic for a particular energy and it is to do with vibrational medicine. Please see our post dedicated to the analysis of wormwood.

Meteorites and their divine messages.

Is it a coincidence that the bible mentions the iron and 1,000 years coming to an end? The numbers related to the statue are also significant. 24 is the number of karmic reward, it is also the number of the spiritual elders in the book of Revelation. Each of them have a divine harp. All are divine instruments.

The book of Leviticus states 'I will break down your stubborn pride and make the sky above you like iron'. Lev 26:19 Does this refer to the meteorites? That verse does indicate that meteorites signify a greater planetary power above.

Egypt was an 'iron smelting furnace'. Deu 4:20, a land where the rocks are iron and you will dig copper out of the hills Deu 8:9. China has purchased a copper mountain in Peru, and now it is going after one of the largest copper deposits in the world, in Afghanistan.

'The articles of iron are sacred to the LORD and they must go into his treasury.'  Joshua 6:19. 'You will break them with a rod of iron, dash them to pieces like pottery'. Psalm 2.9. He breaks down gates of bronze, and cuts through bars of iron'. Psalm 107:16. Isaiah 45:2, Isaiah 60:17. In other words, he sets them free from captivity.

Prophet Daniel spoke of a 4th kingdom that would be as strong as iron. Daniel 2:4, Dan 4:15 mentions 'Let him be drenched with the dew of heaven.  'Let him live with the animals among the plants of the earth'.

Daughter Zion also has horns of iron, when she was told to rise and thresh. Micah 4:13 Rev 2 mentions the iron sceptre that will rule them and dash them to pieces like pottery. The son of the mother in Rev 12 is given the iron sceptre. What did she birth do you know? The Rev 12 timeline ended in December 2008. The iron sceptre is also mentioned in Rev 19.

Revelation 9 mentions the 'breastplates of iron'. Who is currently making headway in Siberia/Mongolia and Afghanistan with the natural resources? China. Who are the richest men in the world? Men from an Indo-Chinese ancient dynasty. Is it a coincidence that the statue is 9 inches tall?

9 is the number of completion and divine love. The number also relates to karma and spirituality. 10 is the new cycle of time and 22 is a master number of the divine feminine. It is the number of charity, Angels, leadership and grand schemes. The planet moved into master 22 energies on the 22nd of May, 2004, no surprise then that this statue surfaced again in 2007. That was the year that the children received their divine plan. 24 also relates to new Jerusalem.


So what is the significance of the symbol on his chest? The oriental cross, a symbol of Indian spirituality, the unity of heaven and earth. A sacred symbol of 'auspiciousness'. In Greek the symbol is known as 'tetraskelion' and it means 'four-legged' like a lion. No coincidence then that the originating DNA is also four, (it duplicates to 8) and the number four often comes up in the mandalas. Four sacred directions, four winds, fourth dimension. Four also relates to the heart.

The symbol can be found on 6th century BC Greek coins from Corinth. For more information of ancient sites where it can be found, see this link. [2]

In India it is a symbol that is used to evoke shakti energy, the sacred force of empowerment. Shakti energy is creative power and sometimes referred to as 'Great Divine Mother' in India. The Indian goddess Manasa is depicted with four arms and two legs. There you have the six points of the star of david and that symbol is also embraced in India, it too is part of the science of being.

Manasa's symbols are the cobra and the swan that sit by her feet. It signifies that she can manage them both equally, as and when she chooses. Two different realities that is managed by the third, to maintain the balance. There we have the trinity again.

You can find this symbol in ancient Christian mosaics in Spain. In spirituality it is also known as the 'Antahkarana' and it is to do with the science of consciousness, and the great leap that one can take from the solar plexus into the heart. Its considered to be a bridge between heavenly and earthly realities.

Please see the link for the picture of the statue due to the copyright of the photograph.  [1]




Anonymous said...

Have you seen this lotus feet?

Eliakim said...

Yes, thank you for sharing, I did notice it on the BBC website, I did look at the photo's to see if there was anyone that I knew involved in it.

May they all rest in peace.

As we know 19 relates to Rev 19, no surprise then that it was Nepal where it happened.

In numerology, 19 also relates to the SUN/SON.