Friday, 7 September 2012


On the 5th of September I posted the song that I had been given 'FEELINGS, a SAD SONG'. [1] The video of the song reminded me of Michael and the bereavement. Yesterday, I was compelled to look at the flip side of the record that had been released. The 'B' side was a song called 'THE WORLD IS IN A MESS TODAY' and I emailed the lyrics to friends with some advice. 

At the same time I emailed a very close member of the team and this is what has transpired. 

Keith Kirkum from Bookweaver was planning to edit the book of the Christ teachings that are still to be unveiled to the Christian community. He worked in the publishing industry as an agent for small publishers, he had also edited books for others.

I met Keith in 2005. Not long after that Keith and I became internet friends, sometimes we had long discussions, he was incredibly supportive of my service and mission in an academic and fun way. One of the great men in my life, one can call him a real man. He was never triggered by anything that I wrote and was supportive of the pure intention.  It was a sheer delight to know and share with him has equals in the symphony we call life.


He had a wonderful sense of humor and way of viewing the world. In many ways he is irreplaceable in my life. He was what I termed as one of the ‘A’ team. He had tremendous life experience and was excellent at research, he would often double check my facts in a biblical sense. 
He was always willing to pick up the baton and run with it, compelled by his heart to do so. 

He also supported the truth movement on his website by promoting authors and their works if they had something important to share with the world. Together we would do our best to honor others and their work. I have not been advised whether his life partner, Charlotte will carry on with his website, although it looks like she is going to do so because it is still up and running. Hence the picture of Keith. 

After I was cut off and back on the internet again, he emailed me to tell me how concerned he had been that he had not heard from me for so long. He wrote that he had very nearly picked up the phone to make sure that I was alright. That was one of the very last emails that I received from this truly compassionate man.

This is the message that I received today from his life long friend.

Dear Eliakim,

I am sorry to be the bearer of sad news. Keith is no longer with us. Four weeks ago he was out kayaking and there was a sudden storm. He was struck by lightning and killed instantly. I am sorry that you were not been informed sooner.

Warm regards


The lightening struck on the 6th of August, 2012 and that was the 'Day of Unique Happening's'. 

However, we all know the meaning of ‘lightening’. I know that Keith won't mind me mentioning this, in fact, he would celebrate the truth of it.

The word for ‘lightening’ is BARAQ

Energy is very powerful, much more powerful than most people realize and some of the Obama supporters certainly know how to use it.

At this point I am filled with great sadness, I shall miss him so much, although I know and vision him smiling and happy. He is pleased that I now know why I haven't received any email responses from him recently.

Keith is one great soul that had lived an amazing life outside of the norm. Keith is the one that shared with me of how when he was trekking through the outback of Afghanistan during the 1970's, the tribes there, were still speaking of the holy man that came to them from Israel.

Love beyond measure, feelings of love indeed. The ‘B’ side, the song ‘This world today is a mess’ would also resonate with dear Keith. In the song it asks us not to do as they do. In other words to not retaliate for what has been done. I know that Keith knew some very powerful spiritual people, so I hope that they get this message.

Rest in peace dear friend, always in my heart.

A couple of other people who are close to me, know that I wrote to Keith yesterday about the book that he was waiting to edit. Hence, I received a reply delivering the sad news.

I know in my heart that Keith will still be with me in Spirit, he was absolutely committed to what has to be done and especially to the building of New Jerusalem. His dream and plan was to live and work there in financial freedom doing the will of the LORD. He referred to it has living in the 'fruit basket' where food is free.

He was a righteous soul indeed, and one that cannot be replaced in my life. He was totally unique in his commitment to the divine plan. Keith the unsung hero. However, I know in my heart that if Keith had a choice, he would choose to go suddenly and without any illness or pain. Love beyond measure to his life partner and family at this time. I am thinking of you and my heart goes out to you. 

I don't know whether the song 'Feelings' was special to Keith and Charlotte, only they know that. That is between Keith and his lady, and I am sure he will stay close to her at this time. She will feel him around her, I know that. 

However, the 'B' side of the song 'Feelings' was released during his days of traveling. Here is the 'B' side. 'This world today is a mess'. 

The above song also warns you about those that bang on doors with a prayer, and as we know Mormons do that, door to door. Big message for the USA. 

Just like there are two sides of a coin, there were two sides too Keith, 'One side is purity personified and the other side is all knowing'. from 'Sacred Words'. 

Last night I also received this message while I was painting the mountains. 'There is something hidden in the story, and the only person that knows about it is you'. That made me ponder more on the whole story that is to be shared. I am sure that the impact of Keith not being here in the physical realm will really sink in during the next few days. So please forgive me, if I am absent, Keith was a close traveling companion in this last phase of the journey, and men like him who come to the aid of the holy ones, are rare in this day and age. A rare man indeed, and one that will live on has a saint with the Christ, I am sure. 

Thank you for being my friend Keith, thank you for your unwavering support through a difficult time.

Thank you for the color and all of the laughs that you brought into my life. 

Thank you for staying close and especially for being you, she made it through.



Eliakim said...

Luke 9:29

As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning.

Psalm 77:18

Your thunder was heard in the whirlwind, your lightning lit up the world; the earth trembled and quaked.

Psalm 97:4

His lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles.

Eliakim said...

Light shines on the righteous and joy on the upright in heart. Psalm 97:11

Anonymous said...

If your friend was about to edit a book about Christ teachings - already there have been people who have translated the Holy Bible from Hebrew and Greek. There are people claiming they are the messiah and there have been wars and injustice. Perhaps your friend was giving a warning to people and chosen to set an example. Those who change the truth given by God will be struck down. In this way, he might have lived his life as a good man - but the higher realms did not want him to continue his work. Are you distracting from the truth in anway for this to come to you? Search in your heart to know. You seem to be attacking nations of people out of ignorance - to convey not knowing the truth. Your friend will realise his lessons now. Everyone has the chance to realise theirs now and to mend the errors of their ways. Do you really believe you are the Queen people are waiting for? Do you beleive you are the one people are talking about? The Bride of Christ.

Eliakim said...

Last night I asked the LORD for guidance to do with the book about the Christ teachings. This morning when I woke up he gave me the name of the man at a publishing company. It is indeed confirmation that it is to go ahead. Although I have not touched it since the end of 2008. Its a long story of what has happened in my life since that time.

I was not a biblical scholar nor had I studied the bible. After the harmonic concordance in 2003, early in 2004 I was thrown intensely into the bible. I was shown aspects and truth that has never been shared with the world. I was shown that it takes a mystic and a healer of consciousness like myself to see what has been written, yet never understood.

An enlightened person sees a text through the eyes of a spiritual magnifying glass. And the gospel writers purposely hid things in the texts. They knew what Jesus had said and that when 'The one' came they would share the (real) gospel in the last days of the end times. That is what Jesus predicted.

Many people think they understand the teachings, I have tested many Spirits and they know not what I know.

Around the time of Keith's passing, I began to paint intensely. It began with painting fruit. The mandala's and symbols. I have not stopped painting since he passed over. At that time I did not know because I had not been told of his passing.

A few days before I had been told, I had painted a sphere with lightening and SEVEN lines of arrows. Seven is a number that is related to karma in the OT and it is to do with forgiveness in the NT.

Keith has been trying to communicate with me about what happened. He did have a karmic contract to fulfill between 2005-2012.
Keith was a very hunble, peaceful and patient man. He left in such a dramatic way, the complete opposite with his passing hit news headlines.

The LORD God had said to me the week before I was told 'It is all over the Daily Mail'. I wrote his words on the blog at the time.

As far as who I am, see the last post.

As the LORD God said to me the other day.

'Just a little longer ELIAKIM, just a little longer ELIAKIM'.

That was before I knew about Keith and Peter that has also passed over at the same time.

In addition, a friend in the USA informed me that people that were close to Ron Paul also died when I was cut off.

Read Psalm 91 and understand.

I am the Harp of Faithfulness, the LORD's shield of faithfulness.

Has far as what you have written above, the Son of God once spoke against those that spoke of the word 'ignorance' and he asked me to tell them that when they 'replace the word ignorance with the word innocence, and replace the word 'fear' with 'love' there will be peace in the world.

So seek within dear one for the word 'ignorance' and ask yourself who put that word into your consciousness?

Why do you call sharing truth 'attacking? Seek within.

Has far as the 'bride of Christ' is concerned that is a high level initiation. It happens when the soul is purified and it then merges with the Spirit.

The Royal bride is different to the initiation.

Am I the royal bride mentioned in the psalms, the one that wore the golden gown that was gifted? Yes.

May peace be with you.

Eliakim said...

From an old post....

While we were writing the paper on the "Messenger of the Covenant - The Paraclete" a colleague who works in the publishing field shared some information with me about the Coptic text. That resonated with my heart as I have felt drawn to the Coptics these last 18 months. Keith informed us that the text is called "Let us Praise the Spirit of the Paraclete", in my humble view once again this confirms that the paraclete describes the human form of being a comforter. 

Returning to the Coptic text. These are the words from the Coptic text that Keith shared with us at that time. 

"In this way the father acted, who sent out his stout son. He produced out of himself his maiden, Who is his soul. Note: There are a number of verses which claim that SHE ' The maiden will spread over the power of darkness like the nets over fish. He rained her down on them like purified clouds of water, she penetrated into them like a piercing lightning stroke........."

Its incredible that Keith shared that with me, and he died due to lightening striking him...