Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I had a dream this morning, and in the place that I was, the wall was covered in music posters. One of the posters included a picture of a younger sibling, and the words were something like ‘Who created a new hair style, who was HE’. 

At first I felt that the message on the music poster was pointing people to my genetic dad, but the RAB didn’t create a new hairstyle that I am aware of. 

My brother grew his hair to his waist. He had made an agreement with an Indian, while he was in India, not to cut his hair for 12 years. He also used to wear his beautiful thick hair in a bun. Being a Sadhu means that you do something for 12 years, like some people stand on one foot in India.

However, I was also divinely asked to cut my hair short after my return from Australia in 2000. I was shown a vision of Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music and instructed to have may hair done like it. 

It has been an incredible 12 years. Interesting that the film 'Sound of Music' includes a military man and Michael who was the only one that supported me against the Prince of Persia was also an ex-military man. (As mentioned in the book of Daniel). Powerful messages in this film and how they led his children to a safe place with the help of others. Julie also sings about being bitten by a bee and a dog. How amazing is that? I still have the scars in my left hand, that includes the rusty nail that went into it. 

It wasn’t until 2010 that I was shown a fresco painted by Michelangelo that sits in the Vatican and he had painted my hair short, in the style of Julie Andrews. In the fresco Michelangelo had also painted me wearing a pink skirt and he made elephants trunks out of the legs. In spiritual symbology the elephant is the animal with the most spiritual wisdom, it also has the right of way. 

In 2006, I was photographed at the Israel gathering (on the holy hill in Jezreel) wearing the pink that I had been instructed to wear. I was sitting in exactly the same position has the fresco. The prophecies of Hosea were fulfilled, the LORD God did indeed plant his faithfulness and righteousness in the valley of Jezreel. Prophet Hosea also tells you that it is a HER.

The fresco that hangs in the Vatican, is called the ‘Jesse Fresco’. Michelangelo also put me in an archframe and in the post where we share the pictures, I explain the significance of that as well. The post is called the ‘Truline of Jesse’.

Abba said ‘SADHU, SADHU’. This post mentions its Hebrew meaning.

Holy Beggar Sadhu 
This is an update on the 'Holy Beggar'. Our first post that mentioned it was on the 22nd August, 2011. [1] I was sure that I had written a complete post on it. However, there appears to be a few posts mentioning it. Here is one of the comments from a different post.

"When a spiritual person is in the phase of the 'holy beggar', it is for the sole purpose of showing humanity their own level of mercy and compassionate action and/or denial of it."  It also shows you who is real and who truly understands its purpose for being.

An aspect that I would like to share with you today, is to with independence. When a person is experiencing the  'holy beggar' initiation, they have no independence. Do you understand what that means? It means that you are totally dependent on the charity of others, and totally reliant on God and his will for you. Its to show humanity the sheer depth of trustful loyalty, and faithfulness to the will of God regardless of the circumstances that you are in. Initiations are not something you choose on a conscious level, they happen to you because you are either ready for them, or they have a divine purpose to help humanity.  


When I was originally called for a 'mission of compassion with the depressed and suicidal children', I agreed to give 12 years of my life to the mission. 2012 arrived. However, a lot more happened after that has you may know. Nostradamus also knew that she would work with depressed people during her lifetime due to him giving the symbology of the Iris to represent her. Nostradamus used the Iris, flower to assist the healing process. Iris was used for healing depression by Nostradamus. He knew that she would be a healer of consciousness, and understand vibrational medicine and work with it.

After I sent out an email to Christians highlighting these posts. 

The heavenly Father said to me 'Who you are, is unquestionable, due to the sheer amount of evidence'. 

A few years ago, the Son of God said to me 'Never forget who you are'.  ELIAKIM 

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Eliakim said...

Although the RAB did wear his hair in a Quiff.

The quiff was a popular hairstyle in the 1950's when I was born. Check out this link it mentions Aaron of Sur who also had a medieval coif.