Tuesday, 25 September 2012


In the last post called 'Cleared the Path' it mentioned Afghanistan and the Greco-Buddhist city.

Well the country is in the news, and China are going after their natural resources. Wheels within wheels and deals within deals.

China have purchased a copper mountain in Peru, now they are after one of the largest deposits of copper in the world. The Daily Mail report that the archaeologists are not happy that they have only been given three years to excavate the ancient Buddhist site. Clearly, China has 'no respect' for the ancient Buddhist history. The archaeologists are asking for at least ten years grace.

The Chinese are also well known for taking the organs of the spiritual. Why the spiritual? They are deemed to be more pure than the organs of others.

China takes the organs of the spiritual, and now its going after the rest of resources. The wealth of the natural resources of Afghanistan, belongs to the people of Afghanistan not China or the Chinese. However, it is imperative that the remains of this Buddhist city is enabled to be maintained and retained. If Afghanistan came onto the path of peace, then they would attract tremendous tourism to see these ancient sites. Wealth that would exceed the cost of copper in the long term.

When the copper is gone, it is gone. However, these ancient sites have stood the test of time for divine purpose, and we should honor their existence and reason for being.

There are some splendid pictures of the area where the remnants of the ancient city remain. Interesting that it was built upon the huge copper deposit. Almost like the site itself was protecting and defending the natural resources of the people, and the people of Afghanistan should honor that fact.

This news is very important to those that carefully for ancient sites, natural resources, and the people that reside where they are. Only the heart understands the sheer importance and the vast implications of what is being written here.


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