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At the beginning of September a blood vessel in my thumb on my left hand exploded under the skin. The left hand is to do with physical reality and palmists also say it relates to a past life. The doctor asked for a liver blood test and all was OK. So what do the palmists say about the thumb? Where the blood vessel exploded it is written that it rules logic. As we know the word logic came from 'logo's'.

Also in recent days the vein and nerve became very prominent and it was painful, that means it is giving me a message to do with the body and where to look. The base section of the thumb that is within the palm itself is known as the mount of venus. [1] Venus is also to do with USHA energy and the consciousness of the divine court.

It is in the mount of venus that the rusty nail embedded in that hand when I was with my fiance looking at property to purchase. A floorboard flipped up and the rusty nail went straight into my hand. Is it a coincidence? Or part of the criteria? No coincidence that it is the mount of venus. I was 24 years old at the time it happened. Has we know this year was the second venus transit of the sun.

So what is important about the number 24? 2 x 12. Rev 12 is about the wondrous woman from heaven. There are 24 elders with harps in the book of Revelation. 24 is the number of creativity and karmic reward. In Hebrew gematria 24 is the value of the 'Riddle' and has we know there is also a prophecy about the riddle that will disclosed.

It is also the value of 'TRUST' and that reminds me of Angels Healing Trust. In addition it is the value of 'Cook' and I have always loved to cook, and cooked a lot for Adam. The biblical prophecies also predicted that I would mourn for the partner of my youth. Indeed I did. The Jewish sages also associated the prophecy with ELI ZIYYON and the song that was written about her. 

It is written that the left hand is the passive hand and it is generally read for 'inherited characteristics and potential'. The long palm, water, is to do with creativity, sensitivity and caring. That makes sense because a palmist once told me that I was a writer in the life previous to this one, and the left hand is the one that you bring back with you. No surprise then that for most of my life I worked in a creative industry, that was my first career. It was there that I met Adam.

The left hand is also my sensitive hand when I am scanning a body; feeling for any energetic blockages. [2] There also three meridians on the left hand, and they are interior meridians. [3] In this reflexology chart, the thumb on the left hand is to do with liver and the foot. There is a scar on my left foot where I stood on a glass when I was seven years old. It is also the left foot that twisted in 2009, when I fell back on my back getting out of the bath. The Korean chart also relates the thumb to the spleen. T7-8. No surprise then that the number also relates to the age. [4]

What does the bible have to say?


The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails – given by one shepherd. Ecc 12:11 In the book of John it says that they said that they would not believe until they saw the nail marks. John 20-:25 Is that because the nail marks were part of the prophecy criteria? 

The Rebbe had an interesting view, he said that when the Moshiach came they would ask 'Do you have anything to show for yourself, as far as having the learning in hand?' [5] 

What do you know about the lines in your hand, what does your own flesh tell you, do you know? 

In the NT Jesus also predicted that when I came I would feel ashamed of my generation. The Rebbe also refers to the Moshiach as the 'Moshiach of the generation'. Isaiah mentions 'the moon being disgraced and the sun being ashamed.'  Isaiah 24:23 Has we know the moon has no light of its own, that is why there are crescents moons on the top of mosques. The Christians have also put the cross on top of their churches especially in the USA and we all know what the bible has to say about such things. 

Isaiah 33 mentions that 'Lebanon is ashamed' and I certainly felt ashamed of Lebanon and Israel in 2006. In addition to the way the Brits treated the spiritual Israeli healers, when they came to share their side of the story while they were being bombed. It goes without saying that I felt the same when I saw what NATO forces and politicians did to Libya and its leader. 

However, what Lebanon allowed Arafat to get away with in the 1970's is beyond human understanding. The entire Christian population of Southern Lebanon was decimated. That is when the last days of the end times began, and it linked up perfectly with the timeline given by Daniel and the criteria given by our Lute of Lovingkindness, Jesus. 

Prophet Jeremiah asked 'Are they ashamed by their detestable conduct?'. 8:12 Clearly, not by the way Islam has 'reacted' in recent days. Prophet Hosea tells you that the Christians will be disgraced and Israel will be ashamed of its foreign alliances. 10:6 Prophet Habbakuk also predicted the shame of the oil rich nations that have destroyed town, cities and everyone in them. 

'If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.’ Mark 8:38 Clearly, Jesus was not speaking of himself. He was also fully aware that the holy angels are the healing angels. Back to the hand.....

In October 2009, 
Abba spoke and he told me to tell the young lady that the evidence of who I am is written in the palm of my hand.[6]

Nostradamus also gave a prophecy about the branch of palm. [9]


Prophet Malachi, 'Then you will trample upon the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day that I act says the LORD Almighty'. 4:3

This paper mentions the atonement carried out by Joseph with the the blood of their life. In actual fact, a real atonement took place on Mount Carmel in 2006. Myself and a small group of Israeli's went to Elijah's mount and atonement was made for what Elijah did to the followers of Jezebel. Has we know Jezebel is also mentioned in Rev 2. She was Elizabeth Claire Prophet (USA). 

Many fragments of many souls were released at that time, fragments that had waited on mount carmel to be released. Souls that had waited there for me were blessed, including a Jewish family and a large group from France. 

Its a long story of how the atonement came to be, I was not anticipating it, and there were witnesses. However, what is important to know is that atonement can be done without a person dying. Although many have written papers stating otherwise. [8] Remember this; the LORD asked for mercy not sacrifice.



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Well it seems that back and shoulder pains can relate to the spleen. So I will ask the doctor if previous blood tests have checked the health of my spleen.