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Well as we shared with you today was the Anubis Gateway Opening in Egypt. 1st of October, 2011. [1] 

It as been an incredible day so far. First there is the continuation of the occupation on Wall Street, and now the weekend is here, people are flooding into NYC and Liberty Square. In addition to other cities in the USA and their financial sectors. 

There as also been a text message posted on Facebook that army vets and marines are also on their way to NYC to defend the protestors. The vets are standing against police in this critical mass stand-off with Wall Street and the bankers. Suited and booted, the men in blue, the army vets say they plan to fulfill their oath to defend the constitution, that means standing against Congress and with the people. They did not fight for Wall Street, they fought for America. Now they stand with the people. 

This educated young man from an educated family, was the most heart reaching video today. Although it was great to see the critical mass, it is the critical mass that defends the individual. All for one and one for all. 


Did you know that the USA gives Egypt a $billion a year? That means Egyptian leaders have to do what Obama says and we all know who paid for his education don't we. While its own people are on the streets and homeless? 

The people of Egypt are rising again in Cairo today and this is really no surprise. "Thousands of Egyptians have gathered in Cairo's main square to take part in a mass protest named "Reclaim the Revolution". They feel let down by the transitional military council and want the current emergency rule to be lifted. Activists are also pressuring for more open election laws - something echoed by political parties threatening to boycott November's parliamentary election. RT's Anissa Naouai reports on the unhappiness that's driving people back onto Cairo's streets."

We sent this news item out yesterday. 

The army is giving Egyptians a stark choice: choose freedom and endure anarchy, or choose stability and put up with us.

Where once authoritarianism was imposed on Egyptians, Egypt is now facing the risk of “democratically” choosing to be governed autocratically, where the people themselves call for or support authoritarian practices such as military trials, emergency laws, etc.

After the defeat and withdrawal of police forces from the streets on 28 January, the lack of security and this anarchy-like state have driven many people to express their willingness to trade in their dream of democracy in return for 'normalcy' by supporting authoritarian practices in the hope of stopping the country from descending into the absolute state of lawlessness they fear.

There is no doubt that the past seven months since Mubarak's ouster have been so overwhelming that many are now ready to give up their dream of democracy. The perceived rise in crime and the struggling economy have shifted many people's priorities to security and stability over human rights and democracy.

The message the rulers are trying to send is simple: if you want freedom you have to endure prospects of a wide-scale war with Israel, looting and thuggery, a collapsing tourism industry, a struggling economy, and a security vacuum. If you want stability, all you have to endure is us.

The SCAF has
tried relentlessly to link chaos and mayhem to human rights and political activism by accusing many key players in the revolution, such as the 6 April Youth Movement and the Kifaya (Enough) coalition, of trying to destabilise the country and serving foreign agendas.

Intensive propaganda has associated human rights, in the minds of many, with vandalism, chaos, instability and conspiracy. The main danger to democracy that Egypt is facing is not the practices of the military rulers, but the public support for such practices.

Soon enough, those Egyptians who believe that military strongmen are more capable of maintaining public order than democratically elected civilian governments will discover that this idea is nothing short of a myth. What we have is not really a choice between freedom and stability, but a choice between having both or neither. [2] 

The fact of the matter is that if the Muslim brotherhood win, there will be a collapse of tourism and stability and that is exactly what the Muslim brotherhood are aiming to do. Then they will blame Israel and co-create war against them. Another reason why radical Muslims have been trying to get bikini's banned on the beaches. They wish to stop the tourism, they have also made threats about Egyptian sacred sites. Most people in the USA are not aware that the great rise in tourism to Egypt in the last decade; as been from Europe to the beach resorts; especially for the winter sun. 

Other news, economists on Russian TV have said that the EURO only as six months; and that Germany is trying to figure a way out of the Euro to save its own neck. Remember we predicted a long winter from November to April. 

Critical mass USA, go for it. 

Critical mass Egypt, go for it. 

Take your countries back. 

999, was the beginning of the end. 


Protest in Iceland and MP's pelted with eggs. 




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