Thursday, 1 November 2012

MARY speaks of ELIAKIM

This morning I had another dream, in the dream there was a man that I know and his name is Michael. He was wishing to take me somewhere that I did not wish to go. It was to a different place in the UK.

Then when I checked my emails an American Christian had sent me a prophecy that had been delivered by a man with the name of 'Chuck Pierce'.

So I took a look at what this man was saying. In January 2012, he says he received a message from the mother of Jesus about ELIAKIM. This is what he wrote:

'Mary, mother of Jesus, has a message for us. No, she didn't appear in an apparition last night. Instead, the true Miriam's words are made alive by the Spirit of God. They prophesy about Yeshua-her Son. They prophesy about the ELIAKIM SHIFT.'

Well I am sure that she would speak of me; as I know that she loves me very much, we did wonderful work together.

Chuck Pierce also writes the following:

You can almost hear their response to Isaiah. “Hey… this crisis isn’t really a crisis! God loves you. Don’t listen to that prophet over there. He’s always striving. He’s always calling us to take responsibility that’s not ours to take. Always calling us to repent. God just wants you to be yourself. Now…another leg of lamb please.” 

The other aspects that he mentions: 

Summoning of ELIAKIM, that happened last decade. Has the LORD God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'. 

Key of David, Yes, that was given to yours truly and she knows how to implement it. 

Greater Funding, 'And God will release greater funding, greater wealth, to establish the covenant which He swore to our forefathers. Honestly, this last facet of the Eliakim Shift will cause much controversy.'  

As we know, the third phase of that is essential for the divine plan to be fulfilled. We shall build New Jerusalem and it shall not be in Israel or the USA. The Messenger of the Covenant delivered the everlasting covenant for the children to Israel in September 2007. Greater funding was released prior to that so that she could fulfill her reason for being. She received a small inheritance. However, as we know Prophet Malachi also spoke about ELOHIM, and the people robbing ELOHIM. So will the people stop doing so? The LORD God will leave them no choice in the matter, otherwise the prophecies inform you that their nations will be destroyed. They must also turn their hearts to the children. 

Chuck speaks about becoming an ELIAKIM. However, the true ELIAKIM, has the right birth certificate with the name that was given to Moses, and she has fulfilled the biblical prophecies has ordained to do.  

There is only one ELIAKIM JOSEPH-SOPHIA.

When you write my name please ensure that you write ELIAKIM in caps as the LORD God commanded it. 

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