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Harvest Army are telling everyone to get baptized, like many Churches in the USA do. So what do we have on that for you? The spiritually dead are baptized!

1 Corinthians informs you that people are sanctified in Jesus and called to be saints. Are people sanctified when baptized? No. They are sanctified by healing the self, people can also be sanctified in the presence of the tears of the saints and holy ones. The holy ones are the healers of ELOHIM in mystical Judaism. The one known has Jesus would have been fully aware of that.

Paul thanks God that he did not baptize anyone, except for two people Crispus and Gaius. In addition to the household of Stephanas. It tells you that Paul was not sent to baptize. He also speaks of the 'mystery',  'hidden wisdom', 'spiritual things' and 'spiritual discernment'.

He speaks of the spiritual judge that judges all things, yet they are judged by no man.

Paul warned about building religious buildings; like Churches. Has we know, they did exactly what Paul warned against. He warned them that they would burn in the fire. So why then did Rome build Churches and baptize? Do you know?

Paul also spoke about how the Apostles were 'appointed to death' and made a 'spectacle' unto the world, and to angels and to men. He describes himself has a fool and wise at the same time. Weak and strong, honorable and despised. That is the way of the Church that has been set up for the fall. Did Paul not know the parable of the Wise Virgins -v the Foolish Ones? Clearly, not.

He speaks of the 'Cup of the New Testament' and the 'Lord's Death to Come.' Chapter 11:26. He mentions Christ the first fruits; afterward they that are Christ's at his coming. Then cometh the end, for he reigns until he has put all enemies under his feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

He mentions how they 'baptize the dead', what is he referring to here? He is referring to the spiritually dead. For those that are spiritually discerned require no baptism.

However, what Christians should be made aware of is how Paul's combines the terminology of the 'dead' with the word 'baptism' because has we know Prophet Isaiah also made a prediction about the 'covenant with death that is annulled' in this timeline. It also coincides with the scepter leaving Judah has predicted in the book of Genesis. When Shiloh come, the scepter is removed from Judah. Is it any surprise then that in the Rev 12 timeline, the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet.

Paul describes how the Apostles were 'appointed to death', because they became martyrs in biblical times. However, has the scripture demonstrates the LORD God rescues his holy ones, just like he rescued me in Rev 12 and Micah 4. The LORD God did not ask for sacrifice, he asked for mercy.

Why does Paul speak of the 'Lord's Death to Come', do you know? Is it because Paul knew that the scepter would be leaving Judah? Is it because Paul knew that in the end, the people would be told the truth about celestial realities?

Why do Christians not question this reality that Paul spoke of? Do they have the eyes to see; and understand what Paul was saying? Why is baptism associated with death instead of life? Has I said to the innocent ones, let us say, I shall live for you, and not die for you.

This is what is happening in the Churches? Did Harvest Army have advance warning? Are they on Obama's team?

Nov. 1, 2012 A major gas crisis erupts in USA -- NEW YORK, in wake of SANDY'S AFTERMATH. There's utter confusion and chaos at the pumps, with police force called to maintain order because of the long lines. Many gas stations closed because they are out of fuel!
# 9.26.12 Scientists Discovery Confirm Weird Mega-quake
# 9.7.12 China Apocalyptic Earthquake 500,000 Bldgs damaged
# 9.7.12 Clock Time of China Apocalyptic Earthquake
# 8.29.12 Louisiana US Hurricane Katrina Revisit by Isaac
# 8.12.12 London Massive Olympic Fire; Worst in 7 years
# 7.13.12 Christian Camp Attack; Rapes, Pillage: Predicted 5 dys before
# 3.11.11 Japan 9.0 Mega-quake: Predicted 12 days bfr
# 3.20.12 Earthquake Magnitude of 7.8 Predicted 2 days bfr:
# 4.11.12 Mega-quake 8.6 Magnitude & death toll: Predicted 2 wks bfr:
# 5.29.12 Italy Deadly Earthquake Date Depicted: 6 dys bfr

Notice in the list provided by Harvest Army, that they did not mention the murder of seven people in the Catholic Church in Nigeria. The most recent case carried out by Islam. Is Obama wishing to keep the Islamic ones quiet?

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