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Caryl Matrisciana Yoga and Christianity

35 million people in the USA are doing Yoga and some orthodox Christians have issues with it. In fact, a Roman Catholic, Caryl Matrisciana has made it her personal crusade to tell innocent people that Yoga is 'A discipline designed for death', 'A deception' and 'Yoga is opening yourself up to demonic spirits'. so is the Roman Catholic speaking the truth? No. To begin with there was no such thing has Hinduism; prior to the orthodox Christian colonials naming the vast array of Indian spirituality. Orthodox Christians like to put different types of spirituality into a box of religion. When in fact the word religion does not even exist in biblical Hebrew. So then why is Christianity called a religion? The word first appears in the NT and it is obviously related to the Romans.

Just so that you know, I have only partaken in yoga a few times has a physical exercise and in my little experience of it, I cannot support what Caryl Matrisciana is saying against it, because it was simply not my experience of it. However, my response is really more to do with the mysticism in the bible that orthodox Christians do not understand. So can Yoga and modern day Christianity be reconciled?

Let's see shall we?

Here is the video with Caryl

During the video the Roman Catholic, Caryl states the following:

'Yoga is a discipline designed for death', 'A deception', 'Yoga is opening yourself up to demonic spirits'.

Is that true?


So do Christians and American Christian television listen to the Roman Catholic that claims that she was born in India? Yes.

Let us look at various aspects of what she is saying in the video. She mentions the 'Serpent' and the energy of the kundalini e.g. the coiled serpent energy in addition to the 'Worm' without connecting them together. She mentions the chakras and not the gateways mentioned in the bible. Caryl ignores the fact that Jesus shared with his followers that the 'Kingdom of God is within YOU', 'to seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open for you'.

In the video it mentions and stillness and meditation, that too can be found in the bible. Caryl appears to have an issue with going into 'altered state'. Being in an altered state is changing your state of being, and has we know Jesus Christ was all for people changing themselves and their states of being to ensure that they could enter the kingdom of heaven within. The bible also shares with you that there are many heavens and that the people would walk new paths in this timeline, paths that they had not walked before. The new paths are spiritual paths, yet, some orthodox Christians reject the new and the bible informs them what happens when they reject the new that the LORD God brings in this timeline.

Did we sing OM in our yoga classes? No. Did the Yoga teacher mention any Indian deities? No.

Another quote in the video is thus:  'The idea that the body is a vehicle for reaching consciousness with the divine is not Christianity.' 

'Christians who practice yoga must either deny the reality of what yoga represents, or fail to see the contradictions between their Christian commitments and their embrace of yoga'. Albert Mohler.

Did Christians not understand the lamp stand has a vehicle? Did they not understand the Christ teachings of putting your light on the lamp stand? If your body is the lamp stand symbolically, then where were people putting their light?

Did they not understand the chariot has a vehicle in the OT and how it is the light body? Did they not understand the stringed instruments of the LORD God that King David spoke about? Teshuvah Christians, teshuvah.

Is it true that there is no such thing has sin in Hinduism? No. It is adharma, and that is the opposite to the righteousness of the dharma of the spiritual law of creation. Caryl claims that yoga has not helped Indians to be redeemed from poverty, is yoga the root cause of that poverty? No, the caste system is a root cause of poverty, IMHV. Didn't Jesus tell you that the rich man could not enter the kingdom of heaven if he was attached to his wealth?

Caryl states that 'Jesus will never leave you', is that true? No. The biblical prophecies prove it. He warned the Christians in advance that the old heavens and earth were going to pass away but his words would never pass away.

The book of Revelation also informs you that he has a new name. How many Christians know it? What would the orthodox Christians do if his new name was an Indian name? They would have 50 fits and run a mile from him. Do Christians understand the overlap between Sanscrit and Hebrew? I recommend that they study it.

Do Roman Catholics in the USA understand the mysticism and occultism of Jesus Christ in the bible? No. People like Caryl make themselves a laughing stock when brought before people that understand serious spirituality and his true teachings that are not for the feint hearted.


It is written that 'guna-yoga' means 'Contact with a Cord', is the cord mentioned in the bible? Yes. It is to do with the divine shrine within of the golden bowl.

'Remember him—before the silver cord is severed, and the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, and the wheel broken at the well'. Ecc 12:6 

In the book of Revelation, seven angels were given golden bowls filled with the wrath of God. No surprise then that the Indians speak of seven chakras.

What does the Indian text say about Yoga? 'Be steadfast in yoga, O Arjuna. Perform your duty, and abandon all attachment to success or failure. Such evenness of mind is called yoga. [1] Is that applicable and in alignment with the Christ teachings? Indeed it is. It is about transcension and transcendence of purely earthly realities. Yoga is only one way to help people to do that. Why is it essential that people transcend earthly realities? It enables the people to experience and enjoy that which is sacred, the sacred union with the divine.

'Having mastered the body through the Yogic teachings so that it becomes a fit habitation for the soul, having the senses, emotions and mind under control, the wise person discards the wornout sheaths of desire, fear and confusion and passes into the state of enlightenment and freedom'. The Gita 

'The soul requires an inner sanctum of peace to reach its fullest potential' from Sacred Words.

I can smell aftershave has I am writing this. Symbolically, physical yoga is like putting aftershave on a child that does not have to shave. Children like the fragrance and the smell of it, and that is why they are attracted to the aftershave. If that fragrance inspires them to make peace with the self, what possible harm can it do? Yoga wasn't for me, I was led to walk a different spiritual pathway for self-discipline and healing the self.  I didn't take to the aftershave, I preferred the perfume, the aroma of the divine feminine and its healing oils. I liked the nurturing of giving and receiving touch and its gentleness. I liked the feel of the love that was bestowed. Love that is essential for the healing process.  'Love heals the world, and compassionate action changes it' from Sacred Words

This painting was painted in the early hours of the 2nd of December, 2012. Around 2am. The 2nd of December is also the 'Day of Spirit'. So I shall call this painting yoga with its baby colors. Has we know, the bible also mentions the 'babes in Christ'.


Yoga is a spiritual discipline. However, is it a discipline that leads to death has Caryl states? No. However, Prophet Isaiah does inform the Christians that their 'covenant with death is annulled' in this timeline.

Why is that? Yours truly delivered the new everlasting covenant for the children, the covenant of peace that is based upon spiritual independence, uniqueness, and individuality that shall reign supreme.

You know, I could write a whole book dedicated to responding to Caryl citing the biblical teachings. However, what use would it do if they do not have the eyes to see, the ears to hear or the hearts to understand?

At the end of the day what did Jesus Christ say about Christianity? 'Christianity was never born, it is still in the womb'.

The important question is does Yoga heal the root causes of the core issues that people hold within themselves? Only those with extensive experience of different spiritual disciplines can respond to that. However, having met people that have engaged in yoga, I have to give you a report and say no. Yoga is exercising to help you to align your energies. Yoga is not a healer of those energies and the memories that they hold within.

What else do we have on the worm mentioned by Caryl? In biblical times, if a person wasn't being very nice, they were called a 'worm', it was a matter of perception of reality and how people were pre-conceived due to what a person held within themselves. However, the 'worm' mentioned in the biblical teachings did inspire the early followers of Jesus Christ; to investigate its meaning on a spiritual level of consciousness.

Pope Gelasius 1 taught that Christ called himself a worm, not because he was abandoned and crucified, but because he would rise again in a glorified body like a caterpillar who emerges from his tomblike chrysalis in the form of a beautiful butterfly. Has we know the butterfly is also symbolic of transformation of the being and humanity. Now the Jehovah Witnesses believe that the worms will get their 'revenge'. Was Jesus a person of 'revenge'? No. It is written that he asked the LORD God to remove the cup of wrath from him.

In Pliny's account, a small worm appears from his body that metamorphosed into a bird, thus Bennu was reborn. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the earthly self. The angelic self find its wings to fly divine after people have surrendered earthly realities. Pliny observed that man, in his first state of generation is really a worm. One could also describe it like a freshwater eel, if one chose to do so.

Thomas Aquinas reasoned that, since animals are not granted immortality, the undying "worm of the damned" must be the worm of regret and conscience rather than a physical worm (Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas).

How can there be no immortality when the bible itself speaks of immortality? Has we know the book of Genesis also speaks of 'crushing the head of the serpent'. In mystical Judaism, the head of the serpent is 'crushed' due to it being the 'accuser', 'adversary',  and opponent of the sacred.  

Has we know snakes have 'venom' inside them, and we know divinely that the spiritual philosophy of the 'serpent' is related to communication. Has we know 'venom' is a poison that can contaminate the being of the soul. It can relate to the core issue of 'anger' and Jesus taught his followers not to anger. Why? He knew what healers know, and scientists have now proven. Anger is the biggest predictor of heart disease. 

Hence, Caryl being a 'serpent', due to her standing against the innocent exercise of yoga; without understanding its connection to biblical teachings and her own body. Spiritual people are fully aware that an orgasm is a rising of the kundalini, it is an energy rush. 

So can one just speak in terms of energy instead of snakes? In a recent healing session, a large shark came out of a person, so although she was born in the Chinese Year of the Snake, it was a shark within her, not a snake. 

What else did Jesus say about people like Caryl? He warned his spiritual following to be as gentle has doves and has wise has the serpents. In other words; he was differentiating his followers from those that were still in the communication energy of being a 'serpent with venom'. E.g. those that stood against him for no real reason for doing so. Has we know, he triggered the issues of those that were not ready to accept what he was sent to deliver. Has he said to his opponents, 'If your father was my father then you would love me'. 

What else did he say? "You are the children of the understanding heart...Joy to the man who has discovered himself, and awakened and blessed is he who openeth the minds of the blind." The Gospel of Truth. If yoga helps people like it did Russell Brand to teshuvah, then I give it my support. Has my grandmother Sophia and Lily used to say 'Where there is a will, there is always a way'. 

Onwards and upwards

Big smiles!


Bhagavad Gita 2.48 


Roland CLEMENCEAU said...

I've seen that video on Youtube and I understood that although Caryl was raised as a Roman Catholic, well she no longer was. She advocates (or advocated because she has passed away earlier this year, may her soul find rest) for biblical studies, which is all but Catholic in spirit. (Catholic priests tell/interpret the gospel for you, protestants take the Book in hand and study/interpret the content themselves....) Which is to say at some point in her life she'd changed or beliefs, moved away from Catholicism. Equally, I believe the show she's on in that video is all about conventional biblical studying (Lamb&Lion ministries, a biblical study denomination), with which any devout Catholic would probably feel not at ease.

Roland CLEMENCEAU said...

and not only is has she been trying to push biblical studying but she has been pushing hard towards studying the bible the chronological way, as opposed to the thematic way or whatever she called it.